Doug Stone Net Worth

Doug Stone has built an esteemed career worldwide through hard work and commitment to achieve success.

“He has charted 22 songs on the Hot Country Songs list, his most notable successes occurring between 1990 and 1995 when four number one singles were charted, including his own debut album (eponymously) and 1992’s From the Heart both going gold.”

Early Life and Education

Doug Stone was born June 19, 1956 and was raised by his mother who taught him guitar. From an early age he began performing at local skating rinks and bars while also working as a mechanic to make ends meet.

Stone moved to Rochester, New York, in 2009 to study jazz performance and music education at the Eastman School of Music. While in Rochester he performed with various notable musicians including Dave Rivello Ensemble, Westview Project, Gap Mangione Big Band Quintopus and John Nyerges Duo and Quartet.

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Professional Career

Doug Stone has long been one of the best-known country music artists. Over time he has made significant contributions to this genre thanks to his powerful baritone voice which captures audiences’ emotions. Additionally, Doug has won multiple awards during his career.

Stone signed with Audium Records in 2002 and released his debut album The Long Way which consisted of both new material as well as acoustic rerecordings of two previous albums. Two subsequent independent Lofton Creek Records albums also followed.

He has charted 22 singles on the Hot Country Songs charts since 1990; most notably between 1990 and 1995. Stone has also performed on numerous television shows and collaborated with other musicians; his diverse portfolio of investments has allowed him to amass an impressive net worth.

Achievement and Honors

Doug Stone is an internationally recognized public figure who has achieved tremendous success through hard work and dedication. He has made tremendous strides in music.

In 1990, he released his self-titled studio album on Epic Records which reached #12 in US Country charts and went platinum.

His next two singles, “Fourteen Minutes Old” and “These Lips Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye”, also made it into the Top 20 charts. Unfortunately, Stone suffered both a near fatal heart attack and stroke during 1996 that severely limited his touring schedule.

Stone is also an accomplished voice actor. He has provided his talents for television shows and video games alike; perhaps best known for portraying Psycho Mantis in the Metal Gear Solid series of video games.

Personal Life

Doug Stone is known to keep much of his personal life private and prefers not to reveal details of it in public. Married and with children, he prefers keeping any affairs out of public scrutiny.

In 1990, Epic Records’ debut of his self-titled album brought country music fans attention with its number four single “I’d Be Better Off (in a Pine Box). Unfortunately, in later years he suffered both heart attack and stroke that limited his touring and recording activities.

After briefly joining Atlantic Records, he released Make Up in Love under Wally Wilson’s production in 1999 and his next studio effort The Long Way on Audium Records two years later – two more independently released albums were also recorded for Lofton Creek Records.

Net Worth

Doug Stone has amassed an impressive net worth through his musical career. As a prominent country singer with multiple hit singles under his belt and his signature neotraditionalist sound having established him among fans across the nation.

Stone has charted 26 singles on Hot Country Songs since 1990; his greatest successes have come between 1990 and 1995. Furthermore, Lofton Creek records has released several of Stone’s albums.

Stone’s success in music may have come with many accolades and awards; yet he has remained humble throughout his life and remains dedicated to charitable giving, serving as an inspiration to many others.

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