Drippy Steve

Drippy Steve

Early Life and Education

Originaly published in the 1970s, this book contains over 200 meticulously restored full-color pages by Ditko in his early prime – just before working with Stan Lee on Spider-Man and Doctor Strange at Marvel Comics. The pages span various genres such as drama, crime and mystery.

His grandmother sent a tin of Texas dirt from San Antonio area so his first steps on earth would be Texan soil. Both his parents hailed from New Mexico.

At age 11, he began playing guitar. By 19, Townes Van Zandt had encouraged him to make music his profession; as part of this drive he recorded several songs on a promotional CD called Uncut Gems which was then distributed around Nashville recording artists for consideration.

Net Worth

Eve Jobs, 22, daughter of Steve Jobs is on an impressive horseback riding trajectory and currently ranks fifth highest young show jumper worldwide. Though her family boasts an impressive net worth, Eve is determined not to inherit wealth and instead is taking control of her future by creating her own path forward.

Steve Valentine is an innovative real estate investor who has created a $50 Million Portfolio over seven years with virtually no personal money of his own. In this interview he describes how and why he approached investing, why he hired a life coach despite his success and chose the term ‘wealth builder’ as his professional description.

He also discusses the significance of prioritizing problem solving over maximising profit, while dispelling some myths that hamper real estate success. Finally, he reminds listeners of an old saying: “a dripping faucet fills a bucket!”

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