East Coast Creative Blog

East Coast Creative Blog

The East Coast Creative Blog is a popular DIY blog written by television host, designer, and entrepreneur Monica Ross. She has appeared on shows such as The Today Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and the Lowe’s series ‘The Weekender’. Monica Ross has collaborated with celebrity designers like Nate Berkus and is working on a new DIY renovation show.

More than 240,000 visitors a month

East Coast Creative, a blog and DIY home improvement show that started on a whim, has grown into a massive online presence. It features creative home improvement projects that can be completed by the average person, and the site gets more than 240,000 visitors a month. The site features simple, affordable, and approachable projects that often receive positive feedback.

EC2 Productions

EC2 Productions is the brainchild of Monica Ross, a designer, TV host, and entrepreneur. She has appeared on The Today Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and the Lowe’s series, ‘The Weekender’. She also runs the popular DIY blog East Coast Creative.

The Game of Love

The Game of Love is a fun, DIY-inspired activity for couples. A fitted sheet set and washable fabric markers are included, and it’s the perfect game for a night in or an at-home date. The blog’s founder, Monica Rossinger, created the original version as a surprise for her husband. The game’s popularity spurred other women to make their own versions, and Monica launched a product line.

Game of Love is available in a kit that includes everything couples need to play the game, plus access to the Idea Vault, a site with hundreds of ideas for game boards and printables. Game boards can be printed onto a fitted sheet or other surface for customized customization. It also comes with washable fabric markers so that the game can be personalized to the couple’s relationship.

Pre-sale kits are now available. For $50, a kit includes a king or queen game board bed sheet, three washable fabric markers, a plush game piece, and a die. You can also purchase body paint and tattoos as part of the Game of Love kit.

Monica Mangin is an entrepreneur, blogger, and creative director at East Coast Creative LLC. She is reported to earn $ 1 to $5 million from her work, though she prefers to keep her personal life a secret. Monica’s idea for The Game of Love was shared on her blog and soon became a worldwide phenomenon. It made waves and changed the creative landscape.

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