Eileen Thomas

Eileen Thomas – An East Dallas Real Estate Agent

Eileen Thomas is an experienced family law attorney known for providing caring, thorough representation. Specializing in complex divorce and custody cases, she also boasts strong negotiation skills.

Her clients frequently appreciate her ability to resolve legal matters with minimal conflict, and she remains an ardent champion for both herself and their children.

Early Life and Education

Eileen Thomas attended both Luce Township High School in Richland and Lockyear’s Business College in Evansville before transitioning into secretarial work for Kokomo Center Township and Delco Electronics Division GMC prior to her move to New Canaan in 1992.

She is an active founding member of Atlanta Collaborative Divorce Alliance and sits on the board of Georgia Collaborative Law Institute. Additionally, she oversees sponsorships for Family Law Section of Atlanta Bar Association as well as being appointed Guardian ad Litem.

She loves helping clients purchase or sell homes in Hollywood Heights area, using her people-loving personality and ambitious drive to guide buyers through contracts, negotiations and more. In addition to living nearby with her husband, they also travel extensively together.

Professional Career

Eileen’s genuine empathy and caring nature makes her an expert at assisting individuals through all types of real estate transactions, from purchase agreements to closings. She works tirelessly on her clients’ behalf, striving to get them the results they desire.

Eileen Lach is recognized as an expert on ethics and artificial intelligence (AI). While she spent much of her career advancing up corporate ladder, she wanted more from life.

She found her calling by opening a law firm in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in family law matters such as divorces, custody and visitation rights disputes, child support payments, alimony payments and prenuptial agreements – becoming a member of both the American Bar Association and Georgia State Bar Association in the process.

Achievement and Honors

Eileen Thomas has been an integral member of her community for over two decades, building connections, cultivating trusting relationships, and helping clients navigate any potential hiccups that might arise during real estate transactions.

She was a tireless champion for horse welfare, championing legislation to abolish Training Points and give officials greater authority to ensure horse safety. Additionally, she helped revamp the grading system as well as establish central horse registration and event registration programs.

She served as Secretary for the USEA, creating an office system and campaigning to change rules to improve horse welfare. She received both a CBE in 1990 and DBE in 2001 for this work, in addition to travelling extensively and fishing at Morgan and Giffen Lakes as well as Stover Creek near Stilwell Oklahoma. Her hobbies also included traveling and fishing at Morgan Lake (Gifford Lakes) as well as Stover Creek near Stilwell Oklahoma.

Personal Life

Thomas was passionate about animals and would often volunteer her services at local rescues. Additionally, she served as executive director of River City Food Bank.

Her empathic approach to relationships and connections helps build trust with her real estate clients, who she excels in assisting when difficult situations arise during transactions.

Thomas held several notable roles at the UK’s USEA prior to moving to America: she helped set up central horse registration and event registration programs; campaigned against Training Points being introduced as a way of ranking competitors; revamped grading systems; established training point removal as an objective; campaigned for abolishment; revamped event grading systems etc.

Thomas was married to actor Vincent Van Patten and had one child together; she also lost her sister in 2014. Thomas is survived by Keno and Max – her two cats who she can count as close companions.

Net Worth

Eileen Thomas is an established real estate agent who assists her clients in purchasing or selling properties in East Dallas. She takes great joy in connecting people and is dedicated to building trust; in her free time she enjoys cooking, traveling and entertaining guests.

She earned numerous accolades while playing basketball at Cincinnati’s Mount Notre Dame High School and was later drafted by Seattle Storm of the WNBA, but was released prior to season beginning. Later she went professional playing for Waterford Wildcats of Irish League PLKK and Artego Bydgoszcz of Poland’s League PLKK respectively.

She has completed at least two trades in the past 13 years, owning at least 3,120 units of Brighthouse Inc stock valued at over $235,945 as of 10 June 2020 and at least 68,983 units of Aerojet Rocketdyne Inc worth over $1,290,168 by 28 February 2023.

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