Elisa Oliver

Elisa Oliver

Elisa Oliver is best known for her involvement with Jeremiah Oliver’s death – discovered inside a suitcase on April 14 – for which his mother, Elisa Oliver was charged with Murdpsr after CPS reported abuse against her by one of Jeremiah’s siblings. This Massachusetts native earned over 97 thousand followers on TikTok alone!

Early Life and Education

Elisa Oliver hails from Dearborn, Michigan and graduated with both her undergraduate degree and graduate master’s in early childhood development from the University of Detroit Mercy. Following this she taught pre-school before founding Montessori School of Chicago – now boasting global branches across Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica.

She currently teaches critical studies, with particular responsibility for the delivery and management of the third year extended essay module and its associated learning support programme. In addition, she contributes to studio delivery in year one and acts as personal tutor.

Professional Career

Dr Elisa Oliver is a Lecturer of Critical Studies at the University of Brighton. She holds primary responsibility for delivering third year extended essay module, including essay supervision and its associated learning support program; further contributing to year two courses as a personal tutor and managing tutor groups/group tutoring arrangements. Elisa also enjoys music by Radiohead, Matisyahu, Classics Metric Ratatat Saves The Day Elliott Smith Bright Eyes Death Cab For Cutie among many other artists.

Personal Life

Elisa Oliver is an alumna of Virginia Commonwealth University living in Richmond, Virginia. She enjoys arts, history and culture studies; reading, writing and traveling are some of her passions; listening to music (Radiohead, Matisyahu Classics The Shins Modest Mouse Ratatat Saves the Day among others); watching documentaries are some of her favorites pastimes as well.

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Net Worth

Oliver Isaacs has amassed a net worth of more than $10 Million through investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He regularly speaks at international conferences such as Web Summit and Techcrunch Disrupt on topics related to content virality, investing, cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and entrepreneurship.

He specializes in motivational speeches, earning as much as $30,000 for one speech. He has addressed startups, investors and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

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