Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Watch

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Watch

Using the same name as the watch of the same name, Elizabeth Taylor’s white diamonds collection is a must-have for anyone with a pulse. This isn’t the first time Taylor has lent her name to a blingy collectible. Her first perfume was actually sold in a bottle decorated with white diamond like gems. The same goes for the aforementioned watch.

The White Diamonds Collection isn’t all about the diamonds, though. It also features a pair of diamond encrusted earrings, the aforementioned bracelet, and a small gold diamond necklace. The watch is in excellent condition and has been relegated to a safe and secure location.

The watch is also accompanied by a hefty price tag, but it is certainly worth the asking price. You can expect to pay close to three grand, which is less than one-third of what you’d expect to spend at Tiffany’s. This may be the only way to own a piece of Elizabeth Taylor jewelry in the 21st century. This is one of her most prized possessions and she doesn’t get around to wearing it as much as she would like. Regardless, it’s a good time to own it before it’s gone.

The most exciting part is that the watch is in perfect working order. The case is a simple foldover clasp. The band is a touch over one and a half inches wide. The watch is in mint condition and is a must-have for any jewelry aficionado. There is no warranty, but the watch has been thoroughly cleaned and tested.

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