Elliotte Anne Puro

Alec Puro and Marla Sokoloff Welcome Their Daughter Elliotte Anne Puro

Alec Puro and Marla Sokoloff welcomed their daughter, Elliotte Anne, in February. This is the couple’s first child. They have been married for nine years. The new mom has opened up about her first-time mom experience. ‘It’s tough, but I’m doing it,’ she says.

Sokoloff started appearing on television at a young age. She starred on Full House as Gia. She has also landed memorable roles in Party of Five, The Practice, and Desperate Housewives. She has also been in a number of movies, including Dude, Where’s My Car? and Sugar & Spice. She also has an album out, called Grateful. She married music composer Alec Puro in 2009 and lives in Los Angeles.

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