Emil Thomas

Emil Thomas – Internal Medicine Specialist

Emil Thomas specializes in Internal medicine. With more than NaN years of experience and offering compassionate and personalized patient care, he strives to offer his patients exceptional healthcare services.

He is also actively engaged with various charitable causes and has spearheaded multiple drives for Puerto Rico and Haiti relief.

Early Life and Education

Emil Thomas was born in Pekin, Illinois to Floyd and Miriam Homerin and attended Douglas Elementary School, Washington Junior High, and Pekin Community High School before going on to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree as well as earning a doctorate.

Emil had initially planned to study acting, but his advisor recognized his unique set of talents would make a better fit with a career in directing. Therefore, he encouraged Emil to enroll in a directing program as well as provide him with motivation.

Emil dedicated time outside his academic studies to raising awareness of inequality through theater. He helped found TableTopOpera, an ensemble that uses theatrical storytelling to unite communities and spark discussions about social justice issues.

Professional Career

Thomas was employed as a lawyer by several government agencies and private practices before being appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in 1990. Among his notable opinions were majority decisions in death penalty case Kansas v. Marsh and religious speech dispute Good News Club v. Milford Central School.

He also led adult education efforts by overseeing the National Science Foundation/Notre Dame Teacher Training Institute. Under his direction, over 400 high school teachers earned master’s degrees in chemistry and became leaders within their schools’ chemical education programs.

He also has an avid passion for theatre, creating the Ethnic Theatre Alliance as an organization which raises awareness on inequality while unifying students through theatrical performance – and has received multiple awards over time.

Achievement and Honors

Emil was an exceptional physicist who delighted in interacting with both students and colleagues alike. An eminent teacher, he wrote excellent textbooks on classic mechanics, electrodynamics and quantum mechanics as well as many articles and research papers; some of his most significant works involved beta radioactivity as well as what would later become known as weak interaction.

He was an active contributor in his field and served on the editorial board of Physics Review. Additionally, he participated on proposal review boards of National Science Foundation grants as well as being appointed as member of Argonne National Laboratory’s Visiting Committee.

Emil Thomas has enjoyed success both as a researcher and an actor, having produced In the Heights and Gift of the Magi 2.0 respectively – receiving critical acclaim and multiple awards in each case.

Personal Life

Thomas was born with Erb’s Palsy, which limited the use of his right arm. However, this philosophy led him to found Ethnic Theatre Alliance.

Emil founded an organization designed to raise awareness about inequality and unite students at his university. Additionally, this has allowed him to hone his leadership abilities.

Thomas is not only an actor; he is also an accomplished violinist and author. He has released multiple albums featuring solo violin recordings of gypsy jazz music with guitar accompaniment.

He has performed at both Aspen Music Festival and Italy’s Castello di Galeazza; additionally he belongs to Lincoln-Sudbury Civic Orchestra.

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