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90 Day Fiance Wedding Revealed!

Corey and Evelin often have a fight on the 90 Day Fiance reality TV series. Critics have criticized Evelin for her mistreatment of Corey. The couple has also faced backlash for concealing their marriage from their families and television audiences. Before they got married, Corey was in a relationship with a woman named Jenny from Peru.

Despite their rocky relationship, Evelin and Corey are now married. They hired a wedding planner, Carolina, who previously worked with a Victoria Secret angel. But this secret wedding has now been revealed by the couple. Here’s what viewers can expect from this season! We wish Corey and Evelin all the best!

Evelin and Corey began dating in 2014, and they got engaged on 90 Day Fiance Season One finale. But when they went back on the show, the situation changed and Corey confessed his affair with the other woman. However, the couple decided to take it one step further and walk down the aisle. Evelin confirmed their wedding in an Instagram Q&A. She also stated that she and Corey would continue to be together after the show.

Evelin and Corey secretly married after a year of being together. They quickly fell in love, but they needed to be apart. Corey traveled to Peru to meet Jenny during this time. Although he later returned to Ecuador, Evelin’s feelings for her partner are still hurt. Moreover, she has no idea how serious Corey has become with Jenny.

Evelin and Corey met while backpacking through South America. Evelin spent some time living in Washington, but she was unable to adapt to American life. However, after they began dating, Corey moved to Ecuador to be with her. However, their relationship has gone through several ups and downs, and fans have wondered if the couple is still together.

The show has made the relationship a hot topic. Both Evelin and Corey have been contemplating divorce. They still need to resolve all their differences. If they cannot get the problems resolved, it may be time to call it quits. Their marriage will remain secret in Ecuador while they work on the issues.

The 90 Day Fiance couple has remained together eight years after the reality show. They were initially at odds, but managed to resolve their differences and get married. Justin also kept his family in the dark about his girlfriend. They plan to have a son together in 2022. They can stay together if they work hard and continue to build their relationship.

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