Emily And Kobe 90 Day Fiance

Emily Bieber and Kobe Blaise – The 90 Day Fiance

The couple’s relationship started off as a simple one-night stand. Kobe is a native of Cameroon. He met Emily in China, where they had a wild night. The two soon started dating and soon discovered they were pregnant. Emily’s parents were stressing out over finances, and she wanted to keep the pregnancy secret until they were married.

Emily Bieberly, a native of Kansas, and her Cameroon-born husband Kobe Blaise welcomed their second child together in October 2021. The couple, who married earlier that year, welcomed a girl named Scarlett Ann Engowi on October 5, 2021. Emily and Kobe already have a son named Koban, and they announced the news of their second pregnancy on July 11, 2022.

While Emily and Kobe’s relationship with their father David isn’t exactly public, they did speak about how they feel in an exclusive interview with ET’s Melicia Johnson. The two also talked about the joy and sorrow of being engaged and expecting a baby.

Kobe and Emily’s parents share a special moment on the wedding day, when the couple’s dads presented them with a gift. Unfortunately, viewers weren’t able to see what the gift was. However, fans speculated that David gave Kobe a check to help Emily financially. Others guessed that he gave them a family ring. Still others speculated that David may have given Kobe a key to their new home.

Emily and Kobe are currently living in Salina, Kan. Emily’s Instagram posts show her hanging out at her parents’ farm. Emily will have to raise two children, so it’s likely that she’ll want to stay close to her family for support. Despite his responsibilities, Kobe, on the other hand, wants to be the one to help with the children.

Kobe and Emily met while on vacation in China. After dating for a while, they grew closer and decided to marry. However, their relationship wasn’t perfect, as Emily’s father had forbidden her from getting pregnant. The couple had to decide where they would live once they were married. In addition, Kobe had a second child on the way.

Despite their differences, Emily and Kobe’s relationship has survived the test of time. They have given birth to a baby girl named Scarlett. They will continue to navigate the challenges of being parents and navigating the changing family dynamics as a couple.

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