Emily Daniels

Emily Daniels

Emily Daniels is an energetic live events producer with an open mind, tireless work ethic and positive outlook. Her goal is to produce meaningful events that bridge Wilmington with nearby areas.

Emily is a frequent featured artist at Nashville venues like Listening Room and City Winery. She credits artists like Ben Rector and Tori Kelly as influences for both lyrically and melodically innovative music.

Early Life and Education

Emily Daniels is an early childhood educator with extensive experience. She provides services both center-based and home-based programs, and assists families navigate government subsidized programs.

She has an avid interest in the arts and is a self-taught guitarist. With a voice reminiscent of Shania Twain combined with Maddie & Tae’s sweetness, she has organically gained an audience via social media by hosting themed installments of Five O’Clock Fridays where she performs requested covers.

Emily provides teachers with a regulated classroom approach, helping them recognize how personal experiences impact stress response calibration and cultivate conditions of felt safety in the classroom. She is an outspoken supporter for increased funding of education.

Professional Career

Emily exudes charm as the girl next door, fashion sense as an experienced personal stylist and entrepreneurial determination as an entrepreneur. Her witty yet honest lyrics and pitch perfect melodies have been likened to Shania Twain meets Maddie & Tae.

She works for Evented, a live events production company. She takes pride in her work, placing importance on responsiveness to project requirements and accurate information regarding all aspects of production.

She excels at creating memorable experiences. Additionally, she enjoys traveling through Europe’s historical landmarks, lush countryside and vibrant cultures – which she especially adores! In her free time she enjoys running and swimming – coaching all ages of swimmers from 6 and under to college age swimmers as an avid coach for NSAI and BMI memberships.

Achievement and Honors

Emily Daniels is an outstanding live event producer who prioritizes responsiveness to project requirements and strives to create unforgettable experiences for her audiences. With extensive knowledge of event technology and a knack for problem-solving skills, Emily excels at making every event truly remarkable.

She has earned numerous accolades and awards throughout her career, such as Missouri Educators of Family and Consumer Sciences and Human Services New Teacher of the Year Award and Nevada Regional Technical Center’s Culinary Arts Instructor of the Year title.

She finds great joy in writing and playing music in her free time, performing at various Nashville venues such as Ben Rector and Tori Kelly as musical influences both lyrically and melodically. Additionally, she co-founded JagTV – an IUPUI student television channel where she serves as social media content intern since 2021.

Personal Life

Emily Daniels embodies all the charm and sophistication associated with being a girl next door; while also possessing fashion sense and determination of an entrepreneur. Her lyrics blend witticisms with heartfelt melodies that are as infectious as her signature red outfits.

Emily has performed at numerous acclaimed songwriters festivals such as Tin Pan South and BMI’s Key West Songwriter’s Festival, and is regularly showcased artist/writer at Nashville staples like The Listening Room, City Winery, Belcourt Taps, Original Tin Roof and Ole Red. Additionally she made her national radio debut on WSM AM Opry Radio’s Nashville Today with Devon O’Day as well as competing in Netflix show Sing On! during Fall of 2019.

She currently works as a sports dietitian at Auburn University where she serves as primary dietitian for all men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and soccer teams.

Net Worth

Emily prefers to keep her net worth private, yet through investments and entrepreneurship she has amassed an impressive fortune. Additionally, Emily serves as nutritionist for Auburn Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer programs – where she serves as their primary sports dietitian.

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