Emily Thomes

Emily Thomes – An Ex-Lesbian Who Became Straight Through Prayer

One former lesbian is creating waves with her testimony about becoming straight through prayer, as seen in a Facebook video posted by Anchored North which has amassed more than 1.3 million views so far.

Greg Sukert of Anchored North explained that he received numerous troubling death threats as a result of this video. To push back against criticism that this video promotes conversion therapy and insist that salvation is truly miraculous.

Early Life and Education

Emily Whitehorn was born on the last day of this year. She is an evangelical Christian, wife, and mother who has published several books and is an occasional blogger. Emily attends Christ Community Church in Texarkana Texas.

Video footage featuring Thomes discussing her conversion to Christianity has been watched over two million times on Facebook since it was posted by Anchored North – producing organization producing this video has received death threats and social media abuse as a result of it being published online.

Greg Sukert, co-founder of Anchored North, sees Thomes’ testimony as proof that God can change hearts. While some critics have likened this video to conversion therapy, Anchored North does not subscribe to such practices.

Professional Career

Anchored North evangelist Emily Thomes rose to viral fame when her video sharing her journey from lesbianism to straightness was posted to Facebook in 2014. With over 2 Million views, The Guardian called the video “a form of conversion therapy.”

In the video, she describes her “wild and promiscuous” homosexual lifestyle. At first she thought God approved of it; however, once she joined a Bible study she realized her sexual attraction was wrong and became saved.

At present, she works as both a speaker and writer while serving as wife to former Chicago White Sox player Jim Thome. Her testimony often sparks debate or even death threats against those in attendance at her talks about Christianity and her testimony has even attracted death threats against herself.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

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Thomes describes in the video her beginning dating women when she was 15 and how fully committed she was to living the homosexual lifestyle. If anyone disagreed with this position, they were accused of being legalists who needed to reread what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Anchored North has received some disturbing death threats after publishing its video. Sukert told The Christian Post he believes these were due to people’s disapproval with the concept that same-sex attraction can be altered.

Net Worth

Anchored North’s video, which featured Emily Thomes as an “ex-lesbian,” caused considerable online outrage. In it she describes her former life of dating women before praying to be saved from homosexuality. Additionally she details her “super wild” dating lifestyle while in nursing school where she even became engaged to one.

Begun her career in journalism as Penn State football reporter for Sports Illustrated before shifting over to covering NHL for ESPN. It is estimated that her net worth ranges between $100k and $500k.

She serves as a freelance writer and speaker at various churches, schools, and ministries to share her testimony of how she left a lifestyle of rebellion for Jesus Christ and is now married with three children at Christ Community Church in Texarkana Texas.

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