Enrique Arochi

Sentencing For Enrique Arochi

The sentencing hearing for Enrique Arochi took place on Friday. During the hearing, several family members of the victims, including Christina Morris’ father Mark Morris, gave victim impact statements. The defense also presented experts who questioned the DNA results and the cell phone pings. The court took 17 hours to deliberate on the case, and Arochi was sentenced to life in prison.

Arochi is also facing a separate charge of sexual assault on a minor. The complaint states that Arochi had sex with a 16-year-old girl when he was 22. In addition, he allegedly choked and hit her during the sex. Detectives also said they found deviant sexual pornography on his phone. Neither Arochi nor his family were in court Friday.

Despite the lack of evidence, Arochi’s defense attorneys questioned the police theory and alleged that the defendant, Hunter Foster, was a drug dealer. William Newbill, a retiree from Plano, Texas, served on the jury for the first time, and he described it as interesting and emotionally exhausting.

While Arochi has denied being responsible for the car crash, a co-worker of Arochi told police that the suspect was in a “bad mood” on August 30. The co-worker said Arochi had been in a fight at the Shops at Legacy the previous night. The suspect had a limp and a bite mark on his arm. In response, Arochi maintained his innocence and feared for the safety of his family. He changed his Facebook profile picture to a puppy.

The police also took pictures of Arochi’s car. The photographs show discolorations above Arochi’s right wrist, scratches on his right forearm and abrasions on his right hand. The police also found a dent on the right front fender.

Arochi’s toll records showed that Arochi was traveling northeast before he turned south on the Highway 121 toll gantry. It was at that time that his cell phone connected with that tower. Arochi and Morris’ cell phones were connected between 4:27 and 4:56 a.m.

After the incident, the detective asked Arochi if she could look at his phone log. He said yes and looked through the phone for a few minutes. But Arochi claimed that the messages were not on his phone because of a setting on his phone. His phone was set to delete older messages.

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