Eric Laneuville Net Worth

Eric Laneuville was born July 14th 1952 in New Orleans, Louisiana United States and has become one of the leading television directors.

Laneuville has set himself several goals for his future. He aspires to continue directing television shows and films, and seeks out projects which provide both challenge and reward.

Early Life and Education

Eric Laneuville was born July 14th 1952 in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States and has over thirty years of television directing experience under his belt – having helmed such shows as L.A. Law, Quantum Leap and NYPD Blue among many more.

He began acting during school musical productions during junior high, and made his television debut on CBS Playhouse in 1968. Since then, he has appeared in multiple films such as science-fiction film The Omega Man and ABC television series Room 222.

Laneuville has expressed his desire to direct a feature film in the near future and is passionate about working on diverse and inclusive projects. Additionally, he enjoys traveling extensively – having visited Africa multiple times.

Professional Career

Eric Laneuville is an extraordinary TV actor from United States who has made an indelible mark on the industry. Starting off by acting in school musicals as junior high students, his screen acting debut came during an episode of CBS Playhouse broadcast in 1968.

He began directing in 1984, and since then has directed various television shows and films – winning an Emmy for 1992 episode “All God’s Children” of I’ll Fly Away as well as America’s Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story (2004).

Laneuville has an intense passion for filmmaking and his goal is to become an even better director over time. Additionally, he enjoys exploring various filmmaking styles and genres.

Achievement and Honors

Laneuville has long been known as an advocate for minority-themed films and mentor to young filmmakers. Additionally, he is an outspoken supporter of diversity within the entertainment industry and has shared his personal experiences of racism and discrimination in open forums.

He has accomplished many notable achievements throughout his career, such as appearing in science-fiction film The Omega Man and television series Room 222 from 1970 to 1973. Additionally, he directed multiple episodes of St Elsewhere which has proven immensely popular with viewers.

Laneuville has a passion for travel, having explored China’s Great Wall in 2008. Additionally, Africa remains one of his favorite travel destinations with its varied cultures and landscapes – he also regularly attends Sundance Film Festival events.

Personal Life

Eric Laneuville has achieved great success as a television director and actor over his career, with hits like Room 222 and A Force of One under his direction and appearances on movies like I’ll Fly Away and Lost on both screens and television.

Laneuville is an advocate for diversity within the entertainment industry and would like to work on projects which reflect this diversity. He has expressed an interest in directing a feature film at some point in time.

He is an avid reader and traveler, as well as being a tireless mentor and supporter of young filmmakers. His strong belief in education as the key to opportunity fuels his commitment to providing all children the chance to flourish and succeed.

Net Worth

Laneuville prides himself on having a strong work ethic and strives constantly to refine his craft of filmmaking. His dedication has paid off, amassing an enormous fortune that still allows him to live an economically modest lifestyle.

Laneuville enjoys traveling and has visited various countries. His most memorable trip was visiting China’s Great Wall – an unforgettable experience which left an indelible mark on him. Additionally, he enjoys reading and music listening.

Laneuville intends to continue directing television shows and films in the future, with particular interest in projects which promote diversity in entertainment. Furthermore, he’s an enthusiastic mentor for young filmmakers trying to find their voice.

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