Ethan In 90210

Ethan in 90210

Ethan is a character on the television show 90210. He is a young man with an autistic brother, who is attracted to Annie. At the start of season one, he is dating Naomi. He is also friends with Dixon. At the start of season two, Ethan becomes attracted to Annie, but this relationship ends when he kisses Annie in “There is No Place Like Homecoming”. He also appears to have traits similar to Dylan McKay.

Ethan Ward was originally played by Dustin Milligan in season one. He had an incredibly athletic physique, and the role of Ethan was droll and fun. During season two, though, he left the show without explanation. He is now the boyfriend of Naomi Clark, the same girl that Annie dated two years ago.

Silver is concerned that Ethan may have feelings for her. He texts Silver from Montana, where he is staying with his dad. Silver asks him whether he regrets kissing her, and Ethan tells her he doesn’t. Silver is shocked to learn about this, and Teddy Montgomery discovers that Ethan and Silver have been texting.

Next fall, the 90210 series will be without Ethan Ward. However, Dustin Milligan will be returning for a few episodes to finish off the storyline. Milligan’s departure coincided with Rebecca Sinclair taking over as executive producer. It is unclear if Milligan will return to the series after the end of the series, but he has previously expressed frustration over not being given a backstory for the character.

The show was created by Marc Newson and is a spin-off of the original Beverly Hills, 90210. It aired for five seasons from 2008 to 2013. It starred Dustin Milligan and Shenae Grimes. Dustin Milligan’s character, Ethan Ward, is a single man who refuses to settle down. By the end of the season, he is single again and begins a new life with his father.

The show also has its own spin-off, 90210 Beverly Hills, which revolves around Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Dixon (Tristan Wilds). Ethan quit the show after season one. The charity commission reviewed the charity transfer and concluded that it was permitted under charity law.

Milligan was born on July 28, 1985 and is a Canadian actor. He plays the role of Ethan Ward on the hit 90210 series. In addition to this, he played Theodore “Ted” Mullens on the hit television show Schitt’s Creek. However, he has yet to sign a new contract with the network.

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