Everest Jacka

Everest Jacka

Everest may not be the hardest peak to climb, but its appeal remains powerful. Jennifer Peedom, who documents climbing expeditions through documentary films, acknowledges this when talking about its mysterious allure: it “has an aura that just can’t be measured or measured up to.”

She attributes the current obsession with Everest to Jon Krakauer’s gripping account of its 1996 storm that took eight lives on Mount Everest climbers.

Early Life and Education

Albert Jacka was born on January 10th 1893 at Layard in Victoria. After finishing elementary education he went into labouring first for his father then with the Victorian State Forests Department.

On 19 May 1915, Jacka was leading a night reconnaissance party near Courtney’s Post when it was attacked by Turkish soldiers and overrun. Charged into their trench with little resistance he managed to secure an advantageous position within minutes.

Jacka earned Australia’s inaugural Victoria Cross for his actions during the Gallipoli Campaign. When he returned home, he was met with crowds and battalions welcoming him home as an “ANZAC”, as his battalion considered him their symbol. On his return he entered business by founding an electrical goods company; later becoming councillor before being appointed mayor in 1929.

Professional Career

Assuming Everest requires being extremely physically fit is no small feat; training should begin 8 to 12 months prior. An exercise program that includes running long distances, building strength in core and lower back muscles as well as climbing as much as possible should begin, with final month being dedicated to strengthening weak areas, increasing intensity and reaching peak physical condition.

Mental toughness is also essential to success on Everest. Climbers must be able to withstand long days of strenuous physical activity in challenging conditions while pushing through their desire to quit – something few other sports can match; marathon runners, triathletes and cyclists excel at this endurance feat.

Achievement and Honors

Craig Storti’s captivating book documents attempts to identify Mount Everest’s height up until its first expedition to summit it in 1921, including Britain’s imperialist interests in India, rivalries between her and Russia and mountaineering’s rise as an emerging sport.

At Gallipoli in April 1915, Jacka defended Courtney’s Post from Turkish attacks and was widely credited for saving many of his fellow soldiers’ lives. For his efforts he received Australia’s inaugural Victoria Cross of World War I.

George Mallory and Guy Bullock’s journey as Westerners who became the first Westerners to set foot on Everest has long been forgotten, but its tale is an intriguing one involving spies, war, politics and intrigues that ultimately saw them make history on that momentous mountain.

Personal Life

Jake Meyer is currently married to Jenny and they share one daughter named Madeline. Additionally, Jake is an avid mountaineer having scaled many of the world’s highest mountains including Everest.

The 1996 Mount Everest disaster remains one of the greatest tragedies in mountaineering history, taking eight lives including American doctor Beck Weathers who’s story was featured prominently in the movie Everest.

This film was inspired by Jon Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air, who was on assignment for Outside magazine during the disaster. Additionally, Left for Dead provides valuable background.

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