Expansion Jack

What is an Expansion Jack?

An expansion jack is an opening on a device designed to accept specific connectors with matching pins. Also referred to as socket or slot.

Battleground Restaurant Group in Greensboro, North Carolina, plans on expanding their regional chain of Kickback Jack’s sports bars located throughout North Carolina in Asheboro, Greenville, Hickory and Mooresville.

Net Worth

Net worth, often used as an indicator of financial health, measures an individual’s assets minus debts owed. This may include the market value of investments and stake in businesses as well as any amounts due on credit cards, mortgages, car loans or student loans.

To estimate your net worth, begin by listing all of your assets – this could range from real estate and cars to savings accounts and stocks/bonds – plus don’t forget any business shares which will change as markets fluctuate! To arrive at an accurate total for your net worth calculation.

A person’s net worth provides a snapshot of their current financial status and can be used to create budgets, shape spending habits or encourage debt pay-off. Lenders also use it as an indicator of an individual’s health in assessing whether they qualify for mortgage loans or other forms of debt more easily.

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