Fabletics Dress

Fabletics Dress Review

Kate Hudson owns 20% of the company and is the brand’s spokesperson. Kate has been seen sporting her fabletics dresses on the red carpet, and she’s a fan of the eco-conscious, nature-inspired brand. The actress and singer is known for her hippie tendencies and pilates addiction, which makes her an excellent spokesperson for the company.

Fabletics provides stylish, functional clothing for active men and women. The brand is available online and in 50 retail locations in the U.S. The company offers a VIP membership program that includes discounts and other benefits. Fabletics was founded in California, and the company has offices in 6 cities around the world.

The company offers a unique shopping experience that makes shopping fun and inviting. The stores have iPads so shoppers can input their selections and ask for help with sizing. The iPad also makes it easy for shoppers to compare sizes with the online store. Fabletics began as an online-only company, but it has since expanded to several countries and is committed climate-neutral business practices.

Customers can shop with a creditcard on the first day of each month through Fabletics’ subscription option. Fabletics will charge credit card on the sixth day of each month. You can cancel your subscription at any point if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Then, all you have to do is wait 10 days before receiving a refund.

Membership to Fabletics is available for $49 a month. Members also receive a promotional Member Credit every month that can be used to purchase a 2-piece outfit. These outfits include a sports bra, bottoms, and a top. This Member Credit can have a value as high as $80

The VIP program gives members exclusive discounts on clothing. VIP members get personalized picks each month, and can skip any month that they don’t wish to buy anything. Although memberships have their perks, you don’t need to join to save money. You could save hundreds of dollars long-term.

Fabletics offers a range of sizes and styles. The brand’s clothing is affordable, and each item is well-priced. You can view up to three prices when you pull up an item before you decide whether or not to buy it. It’s a great way to save money on fitness clothing while staying fashionable at the same time.

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