Fai Khadra Gay

Is Fai Khadra Gay?

Fai Khadra is a Saudi model and musician. Born and raised in the UAE, he has a Palestinian background. Through the connections of his mother, he was able to break into the celebrity world. His sisters, Sama and Haze, are also part of the DJ duo Simi & Haze. Rumours about Fai’s sexuality have been circulating. However, he has denied any rumors that he is gay.

Fai Khadra, also known as “Imurboyfai”, is a popular Twitter user. Recently, he was spotted with Kendall Jenner, who was wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and a black face mask. Although it is not clear if the man is gay, his social media presence has raised many questions about his sexuality. While he has not confirmed or denied his sexuality, he has been close to the Kardashian family and has attended many of their events.

Fai Khadra is a Saudi Arabian star, who is now based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is 29 years old and celebrates his birthday on 9 September every year. He is 6’3 inches tall and his zodiac sign Virgo. He was born September 9, and graduated from American School of Dubai.

Fai Khadra has been linked to many celebrities including the Kardashians and Harry Styles. He is close to the Kardashian family and regularly appears on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Fai has many followers on her Instagram account, where she showcases her personality and relationships.

In the past, Fai was linked to NBA stars Ben Simmons or Blake Griffin. He has always been evasive about his love life, but in a recent interview, he addressed the rumors about his sexuality. Currently, he is pursuing a career in music.

While it’s not confirmed, Fai Khadra has been linked to Kourtney Kardashian. They have been seen together in many locations around the globe. Kourtney posted a throwback photo of Fai to her Instagram to celebrate the model’s 29th birthday.

Fai Khadra’s net worth is reported to be $1.5million as of 2022. Rumours also suggest that she is currently dating Camila Morrone. Kourtney Kardashian has been linked to him as well as Devon Windsor. He was also photographed with Kylie Jenner’s ex, Jordyn woods, in July 2017.

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