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Flathead Jack Has Moved to a New Facility

Flathead Jack has moved his massive collection of vintage Ford flathead V8s into a much bigger facility compared to his former Quonset Hut building.

He now owns seven moving vans filled with parts and literature to accommodate his collection of flathead engines as well as provide parts to others.

Early Life and Education

Flathead Jack began his career as a retail clerk but quickly progressed into owning three general stores within his town. He was widely respected by both employees and customers.

Summers were spent working for the Forest Service as an incinerator pilot; joining smoke jumpers to assist in combatting forest fires was something he took great pleasure in doing. Additionally, big game hunting and camping were two activities he loved.

He became one of the premier dealers for flathead Ford valve components and earned himself the moniker “Flathead Jack.” As one of the largest distributors for Offenhauser flathead cams, his company offers many vintage parts as well as an excellent FAQ page to answer customer inquiries – making his website an invaluable resource for all Flathead owners.

Professional Career

Flathead Jack is a prominent dealer in high-performance Ford flathead components. His name earned by building and racing flatheads in Northern California during the ’50s; after leaving hot rodding in 1969, he started his parts dealership ten years later.

He carries an extensive inventory of flathead parts, such as heads, manifolds and accessories from Offenhauser; his company is its biggest customer. Additionally, he sells vintage Ford literature and models.

He recently relocated to a new location that allows him to showcase his entire collection, filling seven moving vans with vintage Ford flathead V8 engines and parts. Additionally, his extensive website assists customers in finding parts for their cars easily – the site features easy navigation as well as hard-to-find fasteners for customers to purchase.

Achievement and Honors

Flathead Jack earned his moniker of “Flathead Guru” through his work as Offenhauser’s primary Flathead distributor, but that wasn’t why people sought him out – he was also known for being an excellent wood craftsman, bow hunter, naturalist and conservationist as well as an engaging storyteller who would generously share his time to answer any inquiries related to Flathead engines or its surroundings. Through his efforts in helping establish Swan River Nature Trail and Jewel Basin hiking area he left an outstanding legacy behind that left an impactful legacy through helping create Swan River Nature Trail and Jewel Basin hiking area in their entirety.

Personal Life

Jack was an attentive husband and father who took great pleasure in contributing to both his family and community. Among his many civic activities were serving as chairman of Montana Independent Bankers, president of Hellgate Chamber of Commerce, foundation board member at Central School Museum Foundation Board Member as well as charter membership with Rotary Club.

He was an ardent enthusiast for all things outdoors and of the Flathead region, working summers as a smoke jumper with the Forest Service. Additionally, he founded several businesses and eventually served as Offenhauser’s largest account for K-head flathead heads and manifolds.

Two years ago, Jack Hanna was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Though still recognisable as Jungle Jack Hanna, his frame has shrunk significantly; skin darkerened significantly; and smile lost some of its vitality.

Net Worth

Flathead Jack is an expert provider of vintage valve components. His career began racing flathead Ford V8s as a teenager; later he founded an esteemed parts dealership known for its expertise with these engines as well as other Ford-related literature.

He is also an author of multiple books on flathead engines and recently relocated his shop to Oshkosh, Wisconsin – filling seven moving vans with vintage Ford parts and planning to open a showroom soon after.

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