Fleece Jacket

What is Fleece Jacket?

Fleece is an ultra-soft synthetic fabric, providing a luxuriously soft next-to-skin experience when worn against your skin. Plus, its easy care means less laundry for you – not to mention keeping you toasty in winter months!

Look for fabrics based on their weight (measured in grams or ounces per square meter). Lighter fleeces may be better for hiking and other physical activities that require high amounts of aerobic effort.

Early Life and Education

Fleece is a synthetic fabric created to insulate, typically made from polyester fibers woven together and then brushed to increase volume and give a wool-like feel. As its weight is relatively light, fleece makes an excellent outdoor-sport apparel choice; and sustainable materials such as organic cotton or TENCEL may even be used to produce fleece products.

Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, was inspired to design Polar fleece by his favourite wool sweater that became heavy when wet and took an age to dry. Partnering with fabric manufacturer Malden Mills, Polar fleece became the cornerstone of modern fleece; durable yet lightweight fabric proved ideal. Soon enough, fleece had become the go-to layer for people seeking warmth while not worrying too much about performance or appearance.

Personal Life

Fleece quickly became a mainstay in outdoor industries and was welcomed by athletes, mountain climbers, sheep herders, and more recently sheep farmers alike. Additionally, its fashionable appearance has made fleece an extremely sought-after piece of cold weather gear among both men and women looking for an upgrade on their cold weather apparel. Fleece jackets are made from tight-knit polyester fibers which provide lightweight warmth compared to heavier materials such as wool or fur; moreover it represents an economical solution. Fleece thickness can be measured using grams per meters squared (ounces per yards squared for American products) when measuring thickness – its weight can usually be found somewhere on product labels.

Nostalgia tends to follow 40-year cycles, and when outdoor fashion reached saturation point with fleece apparel, its comeback became inevitable.

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