Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella

Holly Madison and Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella Are Co-Parenting Their Children

Holly Madison, a popular television personality, has two children: a son named Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella (and a daughter called Rainbow Aurora Rotella). Both of these children were born to Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella in 2013. The couple had a short-lived relationship and eventually divorced. The family has not been separated for too long. Holly Madison and Rotella are co-parenting their children.

The baby boy named Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella has a long and prestigious family history. The name derives from the French occupational name “foret,” meaning “woodsman.” Rotella shares this name with a number of famous people, including actor Forest Whitaker, the first physician to perform open-heart surgery, and the fictional character in Forrest Gump. This name is expected to rise in popularity due to the rising popularity of word baby names.

Holly Madison, meanwhile, is currently single. On Aug. 31, she filed for divorce from Pasquale Rothella in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a former Playboy Playmate and has two children with her husband, Pasquale Rotella. He is a producer. Although they had been together since 2008 their relationship didn’t end until the past year.

Holly Madison and her husband gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Aug. 7. Holly shared the happy news on Instagram. The couple named the newborn Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella. Her unique parenting style is reflected in the name, which is fitting for a child born to such a prominent family.

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