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Why a For St Jude T Shirt is a Great Way to Show Your Support

A For St Jude t shirt is a great way to show your support for a worthy cause. As a parent of a young boy who has been diagnosed with cancer, I understand how important this hospital is to my family. They have helped me find and treat my son’s cancer. My son is doing well now, and I am so grateful for their support. I’m not the only one who is struggling, nor are other families who donate to St Jude.

Many families with children with cancer have turned to fundraising websites and networks of family, friends and neighbors to help them cover the costs of treatment. Many parents are unable to work during their child’s treatment, and their requests for funds often come in the form of desperate pleas for help.

Last year, St. Jude received a record-breaking $2 billion in contributions. That’s more money than the nine top children’s cancer hospitals combined. The charity has $5.2 billion in reserve, which allows it continue to provide assistance and treatment to patients. However, this charity cannot fully alleviate the financial burden of families, so additional donations are necessary.

After her child was diagnosed with leukemia, Rainey traveled more than 400 miles to get treatment at St. Jude. In addition to paying for the costs of her hospital stay, Rainey and her family had to pay for hotel expenses. Rainey and her family were put under enormous financial strain by this situation. She sought assistance from St. Jude’s patient service department to help with expenses.

The charity was founded by Burt, a retired truck driver from Michigan who had been diagnosed with brain cancer. After a year of treatment, his daughter was able to relapse. His daughter’s mother split with him during treatment and the family’s finances began to spiral downward. They had to move to Memphis to take part in a St. Jude clinical trial.

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