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Bob Woodward and Frances Kuper

Frances Kuper is the Associate Director of Career Education at Columbia University. She oversees a team of career educators and provides content on skills-based career development for students, faculty and staff alike.

Bob Woodward has been married three times. His first marriage lasted three years before they divorced.

Early Life and Education

Frances Kuper is dedicated to informing both children and adults of the Holocaust and its legacy through film and literary works. Through these endeavors, he encourages individuals to consider how forces both good and bad drive human beings to commit acts both remarkable and sinister as well as their consequences.

Frances is a feminine given name which was in vogue one hundred years ago and started rising again with Pope Francis’ appointment. Frances’ popularity can also be found among its foreign variants like Francesca, Francoise, Francine and Fanya.

In 1982’s Frances, Jessica Lange plays Frances Farmer, an actress during the 1930s who experiences an acute nervous breakdown and is hospitalized. Supporting roles are played by Kim Stanley and Sam Shepard; it was adapted from a novel written by Simon Meyer Kuper.

Personal Life

Mavis Maxine Kuper was born in Turner County, South Dakota. A pianist and organist by training, as well as 4-H leader, Mavis married Francis Kuper in 1946 and gave birth to their only son Daryl Frank Kuper. Mavis attended Turner County Evangelical Presbyterian Church near Davis.

Simon Meyer Kuper, author of several historical and political books including Football Against the Enemy (Winston Hill award winner) and Chums: How a Tiny Caste of Oxford Tories Took Over Britain from which she descended was her aunt.

On December 30, 1975, she passed away and was laid to rest in Le Mars, Iowa. Preceding her in death were both of her parents, her husband, and one sister.

Net Worth

Bob Woodward is one of the United States’ finest investigative journalists, having amassed an enormous fortune during his distinguished journalism career. According to 2021 estimates, Woodward has amassed an estimated net worth of $25 Million US Dollars as of 2021. Woodward studied History and Literature at George Washington University before beginning his journalism career at Montgomery Sentinel weekly newspaper before later joining Carl Bernstein at The Washington Post where they helped uncover Watergate scandal that resulted in numerous government investigations and President Richard Nixon stepping down from office.

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