Francis Mallmann Net Worth

Francis Mallmann was born January 14th 1956 under the sign of Capricorn.

He is known worldwide for his skill with open-fire cooking and charismatic personality, making him a global star. Appearing on Netflix original series Chef’s Table only added further recognition to him.

Mallmann is a well-recognized restaurant owner and Patagonian cuisine specialist, known for publishing multiple cookbooks and being an influential television personality.

Early Life and Education

Mallmann is an esteemed Argentine chef who has become well-known for his open fire cooking technique. He perfected asado – an artful method of grilling meat over an open flame – and has dedicated himself to sharing this talent worldwide.

He spent several years working at Michelin-rated restaurants in France before returning home and sharing his expertise and love of French cuisine with the people in Argentina. However, two key moments led him to change course and embrace techniques which would define his career path.

He is known for writing a number of best-selling cookbooks and appearing on TV programs like Chef’s Table on Netflix, further increasing his fame. Currently residing on a private island in Patagonia with Vanina Chimeno and their daughters Alba and Heloisa.

Professional Career

Francis Mallmann has become an internationally acclaimed celebrity chef thanks to his distinctive approach to cooking over fire inherited from South American cowboys (gauchos).

Chef Caruso began his culinary journey as a cook on Lake Nahuel Huapi tourist boat in 1970 before making the leap to Paris where he apprenticed under Paul Bocuse and other chefs before returning home and opening up a restaurant on Honduras Street in Palermo Argentine province.

Mallmann is an acclaimed chef who specializes in Argentine cuisine with an emphasis on various Patagonian methods of barbecuing food. In addition, he is an author and has made appearances on several international television programs including Netflix original series Chef’s Table. Mallmann operates nine restaurants and is well-recognized within the culinary industry.

Achievement and Honors

Francis Mallmann is an renowned Argentinian chef known for his open-fire cooking techniques. Additionally, he is an author and restaurateur with his unique style drawing attention from celebrities, executives and nobles worldwide.

Mallmann has made multiple international cooking show appearances and is a regular guest on Chef’s Table. He is known for hosting outdoor feasts and gourmet barbecues.

He has an insatiable passion for Armagnac and an extensive collection of vintage bottles from two different domaines.

He is married to Vanina Chimeno since 2016, and they share two daughters named Alba and Heloisa as well as five other children from previous relationships: Andino, Allegra, Ambar, Alexia and Francisco. Mallmann is known to be outspokenly critical of molecular gastronomy stating “I don’t give a sh** about who gets mad” while remaining opposed to marathon tasting menus.

Personal Life

Francis Mallmann is an acclaimed Chef who has become widely-renowned for his expertise in open-fire cooking techniques. Through restaurant ventures, international television appearances, and best-selling cookbooks he has amassed an impressive net worth.

Mallmann is widely revered for his South American asado grilling technique and unique style of fire-cooking inspired by gauchos – South America’s cowboys. Mallmann is an outspoken critic of molecular gastronomy and prefers quality over quantity when serving marathon tasting menus.

He exhibits his signature charm through both his culinary creations and public persona. An advocate of personal development, he has collaborated with various influencers and brands to spread his message of personal growth. Furthermore, he enjoys hiking and mountain climbing for relaxation and personal growth.

Net Worth

Francis Mallmann is an award-winning celebrity chef best known for following Patagonian cooking techniques and barbecuing food. He has written several cookbooks and appeared in multiple television programs; most notably Netflix original series Chef’s Table where his fame and popularity skyrocketed.

Mallmann began his culinary career as a cook on a tourist boat at Lake Nahuel Huapi. By age 20, he managed his first restaurant alongside a partner. Later, he relocated to Paris and spent over two years learning from well-known chefs there.

He currently owns nine restaurants worldwide, with locations in Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Miami and Chile. In Argentina he hosts an immensely popular television show. When not running restaurants he loves spending his free time relaxing on his private island retreat.

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