Freddie Coleman Net Worth

Freddie Coleman, best known for hosting ESPN Radio shows such as Freddie and Fitzsimmons, currently co-hosts his weeknight radio show as co-host alongside Fitzsimmons. Additionally Freddie has worked for Oldies 97-WCZX-FM as well as Cablevision of Dutchess County.

He appears very passionate about his profession and earns an adequate income. Additionally, he lives happily with his family – his former marriage produced one adult daughter whom he shares a close bond.

Early Life and Education

Coleman was raised in Brooklyn and discovered his passion for sports by watching the 1971 NBA Finals between Milwaukee Bucks and Baltimore Bullets. Later he went on to pursue musical endeavors as flutist with Seattle Youth Symphony and University of Washington Symphony orchestras.

Coleman co-hosted an Oldies 97 WCZX-FM show, managed on-air staff, and developed promotions. Later he went to Fox Sports Radio before eventually ESPN where he co-hosts weeknight Radio shows such as “Freddie & Fitzsimmons.”

He and Denise Sherraye Coleman have been living a fulfilled and content life ever since their marriage vows were exchanged on 13 July 2007. The couple currently reside at 16 Highwood Ave. Southington Connecticut Freddie has one adult daughter from a previous relationship that lives nearby at 16 Highwood Avenue Southington Connecticut

Professional Career

Coleman is an esteemed professional in broadcast media. His audiences appreciate his insightful yet entertaining perspectives on all of the top sports news stories of the day.

Coleman began working for ESPN in June 2004. Freddie and Fitzsimmons is his weeknight Radio show co-host on ESPN Radio.

He previously held positions with Oldies 97 at WCZX-FM and Fox Sports Radio-AM980 – Clear Channel before joining ESPN. Before that he interviewed numerous sports icons including Nick Saban, Venus Williams, Tim Tebow and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

He is married to Denise Sherraye Coleman and currently resides at 16 Highwood Avenue in Southington, Connecticut. Coleman prefers keeping his personal life private; thus far no details regarding any information related to either of his sisters or brothers have been shared publicly. Coleman maintains an active social media presence via verified Twitter handles as well as platforms like Facebook.

Achievement and Honors

Freddie Coleman was actively engaged at Lehigh with several initiatives and movements during his time there, such as diversity recruitment. As an intern in diversity recruitment he worked to identify students who represented diversity by race, geography and background. Additionally he helped organize Diversity Life Weekend and Diversity Achievers Program.

After joining Oldies 97-WCZX-FM in 1999 to manage on-air staff and create promotions, he joined Fox Sports Radio Albany, New York’s GameNight show as host before ultimately joining ESPN in June 2004 where he currently co-hosts weeknight radio Show Freddie and Fitzsimmons alongside Ian Fitzsimmons.

Freddie Coleman and Denise Sherraye Coleman have been in love with one another for more than 14 years and reside at 16 Highwood Avenue in Southington.

Personal Life

Freddie Coleman and Denise Sherraye have been happily married for years. The two share an incredible connection, keeping their intimate life out of the media spotlight and happily cohabitating without children.

Tamara Coleman loves him dearly and their relationship is strong. Tamara and Jason share an immense fan following online and generate income through them.

He has made his mark in Radio, becoming an esteemed host. His credentials as an interviewer include hosting interviews of prominent figures such as Nick Saban, Tim Tebow and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – three very famous names that he interviewed as part of ESPN Radio Gamenight Show! With years of experience under his belt working for ESPN Radio Gamenight Team; interviewing some of the most iconic sports figures ever!

Net Worth

Freddie Coleman makes an impressive salary as a veteran radio host at ESPN and is paid handsomely for his services. Freddie began his career with Cablevision of Dutchess County and then Fox Sports Radio 980-AM before earning his current spot on ESPN Radio’s payroll.

Denise Sherraye and he have been happily married for more than 15 years and share one daughter together; however, the couple prefers not to discuss any aspects of their personal lives that could make the media scrutinize it further.

He is known to be extremely generous, frequently giving back to the community through support of Mansfield University and speaking engagements such as Frank Butsko Breakfast or communication classes. In addition, he advocates on behalf of autism.

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