Funny Pictures Of Sharks

Funny Pictures of Sharks

You might have seen some funny pictures of sharks on the internet or at least heard about them. One popular picture went viral, showing a couple posing with a shark. The couple clearly didn’t know that a huge shark was lurking behind them. The shark appears to be smiling in the photo. Hermanus Backpackers from South Africa uploaded the original shark photo to Wikimedia Commons. The photo was later manipulated to make the shark appear larger than the couple and became the basis for many more phony shark pictures.

Sharks are the most misunderstood creatures in the ocean. They are graceful, but terrifying and can clear a beach shoreline in thirty seconds. People love sharks, despite this. And shark puns can be a great way to fill awkward silences. One example of such a joke was the great white shark telling a cliff-jumper “Don’t worry, we’ll catch you!” Or, a surfer’s response to the great white shark: “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Sharks are marine creatures that live and work in oceans all year. Unlike dolphins, sharks are always in the water. Sharks love to eat a variety of foods, including fish, starfish, and people who use the ocean as a bathroom. Sharks chew wisely when they make decisions. They’re bad ocean floaties, so you might want to avoid swimming with sharks when possible.

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