Gabby Randallson

Gabby Randallson

Gabby Randallson was married to professional wrestler Buff Bagwell, and they divorced in 1994. Randallson has been married twice before, once to a model and one time to a wrestler. She was 26 when she married Buff, and was married to him for six years. After the divorce, Randallson lived a secluded life.

She made her acting debut in 1996 with a role on the film “Meetah”. She has also been a part of a couple of other films. Her first lead role was in the film “Wild”, and she later starred in the acclaimed comedy film “Woman” (2001). She has also appeared in several stage plays, notably “The Lion King” and “Grey’s Lair,” and has won several awards and accolades.

Buff Bagwell has been married twice. His first marriage was to Alexis Rianja in 1988, and his second marriage to Gabby Randallson two years later. Buff and Gabby ransacked one another for five years despite their love. In 2000, the couple divorced and separated. Buff Bagwell is 52. After graduating from high school, his career in wrestling began. He also worked as a masseuse. He also studied under Steve Lawler.

Bagwell has luchoed against many WWE stars during her WWE career. Her match against State Patrol was in Memphis, and she also faced various WCW and WWE stars. In November, she also fought Haydn Daniels in Christchurch. She has lent her talents to various projects as well.

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