Gay Converse

Converse Launches Gay Pride Sneakers

Converse celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community by launching a new LGBTQ Pride sneaker collection. The collection features rainbow-colored shoes inspired by the Transgender Pride flag. They are available in both high-top and low-top styles. Each style comes with the logo, which was designed by graphic artist Filip Pagowski.

Converse has been a well-known brand for LGBT people for a long time and has recently taken an interest in the LGBTQ community. As part of their commitment to social activism, the brand has even created pride wear, which includes rainbow-colored laces and city-specific pride apparel. These items can be purchased on the Converse website. Converse also supports the LGBTQ community with its charitable efforts.

Converse also launched a pride line, the Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. It features the colors of the rainbow flag. The company has also launched a line of rainbow-colored T-shirts that feature LGBT-friendly slogans. Nike and Converse are planning to roll out these products at Pride festivals and in Nike stores across the country.

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