George Beasley

George Beasley, Founder of Beasley Media Group

George Garland Beasley, a trailblazing entrepreneur and champion for those without voice in his community, founded Beasley Media Group in 1961 and remains one of the most esteemed publicly traded media companies today.

The Company owns and operates 62 radio properties located in 15 large and medium-sized markets with digital offerings as well as an esports division. Each week, they reach approximately 19 million consumers through broadcast, online streaming and mobile devices.

Early Life and Education

Former high school principal George Beasley hails from Virginia’s tobacco fields and built his radio station in Benson into one of the five biggest radio groups in America.

He was able to build his business from the ground up and achieve great success, making Beasley Media Group into the premier publicly traded media company in America today. The company owns and operates 62 radio properties across 15 large and medium-sized markets with digital offerings as well as an esports division.

George was an influential leader in the broadcast industry and an inspiring role model to many who sought to realize their dreams through radio. His commitment to broadcasting and generosity made him a renowned role model and titan within the industry.

Professional Career

George Beasley, the founder of Beasley Media Group, created radio from scratch. In 1961 he launched his first station in Benson, North Carolina – a 500 watt AM signal which he sold at a profit to purchase another in Goldsboro with more power in an expanded market.

He saw radio as a platform to give people their voices, and he always sought ways to expand his business. Over the course of several decades, he transformed his company from a small local broadcasting operation into one of America’s largest radio groups with 62 stations in 15 markets.

He has a distinguished record of building trusting relationships with clients and providing unparalleled service. Combining his expert market insight with tough negotiation techniques, he achieves results that matter.

Achievements and Honors

George Beasley founded his first radio station, 500-watt WPYB(AM), in Benson, N.C. Over time his company evolved into one of America’s largest broadcast groups with 62 stations spread out over 15 major and medium sized markets across 15 states.

Beasley was an icon in the radio industry, earning numerous honors and awards throughout his career. He was inducted into the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame and received the National Radio Award from the National Association of Broadcasters.

Beasley spent 10 years as a college wrestling coach for three programs, including NC State. While there, he guided the Wolfpack to one of their greatest seasons ever – producing 14 wrestlers who qualified for the NCAA Championships and coaching five individual conference champions.

Personal Life

George Beasley’s personal life was filled with much joy and love. He was an ardent philanthropist, giving back to both his community and industry in numerous ways.

He was a renowned entrepreneur, radio pioneer and mentor to many. Additionally, his work in Baptist theology had an immense impact.

Early in his career, he founded a station in Benson, North Carolina and went on to expand the company throughout America. His success was due to his humility, kindness and integrity.

Net Worth

On June 2, 2021, George Beasley, an esteemed radio broadcasting pioneer, passed away at 89 years of age.

He was a renowned radio personality and owner of Beasley Broadcast Group, located in Naples, Florida. Tragically, he passed away at home from heart failure, leaving behind a wife and three children.

Beasley not only pioneered radio broadcasting, but he also had an admirable work ethic and deep affection for his family. In addition to running his company, he served as trustee of the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters for eight years and then joined their board as a director.

He was an enthusiastic basketball player and was affectionately known as “Roomba,” after the iconic robot vacuum cleaner. Estimates place his net worth around $15 million.

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