George Blystone

George Blystone

George Blystone was a steelworker who served as school crossing guard in Lake Station for many years. Sadly, he passed away in January 2015 at the age of 86.

He was found guilty of both robbery and murder. The court held that his alibi defense was barred by the rules of criminal procedure.

Early Life and Education

George Blystone was born on January 9, 1929 in Waterman, Pennsylvania to Gilbert and Louise (Marsh) Blystone.

On January 12th, 2015, George Nicholas Blystone passed away at 86 years of age. Survived by his wife Ann Blystone; daughter Brynn Lee Blystone; grandchildren George Nicholas (GB-IV), and Grace Elizabeth; as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

His life was drastically affected by addiction and alcoholism. After recovering, he joined the Community Recovery committee of Steps Inside, a nonprofit that hosts meetings for substance abusers.

He has been sober for 38 years. A dedicated member of Greene County since 1970, he was recognized by two different agencies for his volunteer work and unwavering devotion to his local community.

Professional Career

George Blystone had an extensive professional career in the chemical industry. His knowledge encompassed global chemical regulation, including new chemical notification, hazard communication, risk management, emerging issues management and advocacy.

He had a starring role on the TV show Ichabod and Me, an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” This role made him well-known within the entertainment industry and led to many auditions for other roles.

Whiteko, Blystone’s trial lawyer, reported to the PCRA court that he conducted interviews with three witnesses who all agreed to testify at sentencing. These included Blystone’s father Norman; a close friend from high school; and Navy veteran Lawrence Short.

Achievements and Honors

George Blystone has earned multiple accolades for his volunteer service to Greene County residents. Recently, the Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency and Greene County Chamber of Commerce recognized him for his efforts in supporting tourism and promoting Waynesburg’s historic Rivers of Steel Foundry.

He has been the caretaker of the historic foundry for almost 30 years, working alongside Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation of Homestead to maintain and restore it. Additionally, he is an active member of Waynesburg Lions Club and long-term attendee at Community United Presbyterian Church.

Personal Life

George Blystone was an active and dedicated member of his community in Lake Station, PA. He worked as a school crossing guard and showed great dedication to his job and to Lake Station itself. Additionally, George had deep involvement in his church as well.

He was an exemplary gentleman who always sought to assist others and never judged. He had a kind heart and many friends.

He had an incredibly diverse career in film. He appeared in westerns, serials, two-reelers and many other types of projects.

Net Worth

George Blystone has a net worth of $12.7 Million dollars. As director at Worthington Industries Inc, he earns $332,402 annually as his salary. Over 19 years he has made numerous trades in WOR stock; the largest sale being 48,795 units on May 7th 2021 which valued at over $3,458,102. Furthermore, George owns 151,225 shares of WOR stock.

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