George Bugatti

George Bugatti – Singer-Pianist and Musician

George Bugatti is an accomplished American singer-pianist who performs classic standards in a lounge/cabaret setting. His three CDs are currently available for purchase.

He began studying music when he was five and attended the Julliard School in New York. Tragically, at 19 years old he suffered an accident which severed the median nerve of his right hand.

Early Life and Education

Bugatti was born in Milan, Italy to an artistic family. His father Carlo Bugatti was renowned for designing Art Nouveau furniture and jewelry pieces.

He began as an apprentice to a bicycle and tricycle manufacturer, but after leaving school he ventured into car design. In 1909 he founded Automobiles E in Molsheim, Alsace, France.

George had always imagined himself as a classical pianist, but tragedy struck when an accident in his 20s damaged his right hand and diverted him away from classical piano studies. Fortunately, George was able to rehabilitate it and move to Los Angeles in his mid-20s where he soon after found employment at the Peninsula Hotel.

Professional Career

Bugatti began studying music at age 5 and eventually attended Julliard, honing his skills as a classical pianist. Unfortunately, an accident severed the median nerve in his right hand, impairing movement and sensitivity in that hand.

George defied doctors’ predictions and embarked on an intensive rehabilitation process of his hand. In 2002, against all odds, he made his NYC Debut at Carnegie Hall on December 12 and again performed a suite of his favorite works arranged by Peter Nero on May 14, 2003 – to critical acclaim!

Bugatti also performs in lounge and cabaret shows, specializing in standards from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. He has three CDs out now with Universal Publishing Rights (PRLs), plus he stars in The Wonderful Wizard of Song – his musical tribute to composer Harold Arlen.

Achievements and Honors

Bugatti was an acclaimed designer and manufacturer of automobiles, born on September 15, 1881 in Italy on September 15. His first car was completed in 1901; he founded the Bugatti motor car company in 1909 and won Le Mans with his Type 32 in 1920.

After the First World War, Bugatti continued making lightweight sports cars and even won the Mille Miglia in 1933.

George Bugatti began studying music at age 5 and attended the esteemed Julliard School in New York, specializing in classical piano. Unfortunately, an accident severely restricted the movement of his right hand.

During his rehabilitation, he discovered a hidden talent: singing. He went on to become an established lounge/cabaret singer specializing in standards from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. He has recorded three CDs and made his NYC Broadway debut on December 17th 2012 with The Wonderful Wizard of Song: The Music of Harold Arlen.

Personal Life

George Bugatti’s personal life revolves around his passion for music. He began studying the piano at an early age and attended the esteemed High School of Performing Arts in New York before continuing on to the highly competitive Julliard School to hone his classical piano skills.

He endured a horrific accident which severely damaged the nerves in his right hand, leaving him unable to move or feel anything. Yet through perseverance and stubbornness, he continued playing and rehabbing his hand.

Bugatti eventually moved to Los Angeles and secured an entertainer’s chair at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, becoming known as “West Coast’s Bobby Short”. In 1998 real estate businessman Steve Wynn invited Bugatti along with Michael Feinstein and John Pizzerelli to open Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas alongside Wynn.

Net Worth

George Bugatti is an internationally-renowned singer/pianist and musician based in New York City. His three CDs, including one produced by Steve Allen, have achieved wide release.

At five years old, he began studying music and attended Julliard, honing his skills as a classical pianist. Tragically, an accident severely injured him; it resulted in loss of movement and sensitivity in his right hand.

After recovering, he began singing and performing again, earning himself an avid fan base. His appearances on numerous television shows and concerts have been well received by audiences around the world.

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