George Mayerhofer

Anna Luna Is Not Ashkenazi

Last week, The Washington Post exposed Florida Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna’s deception about her heritage. She claimed to have Jewish ancestry; however, further investigation has revealed she is actually Ashkenazi in descent.

According to immigration records reviewed by The Post, Luna’s paternal grandfather identified himself as a Roman Catholic upon immigrating from Germany in 1954. Additionally, an investigation has revealed that he served in Nazi Germany during World War II.

Early Life and Education

George Mayerhofer was born on July 4, 1781 in Hegyeshalom, Gyor-Moson-Sopron, Hungary to four siblings and two children.

He immigrated to Canada in 1954 and identified himself as a Roman Catholic, yet several family members believe he also belonged to the Nazi party during World War II.

The Washington Post reported that Luna’s paternal grandfather, Heinrich Mayerhofer, served in the armed forces of Nazi Germany as a teenager during WWII. A photo provided to The Washington Post by Luna’s uncle Edward showed his dad wearing what appeared to be an officer’s uniform from Nazi Germany.

Professional Career

George Mayerhofer had an illustrious professional career. He was a well-known sales representative at Wetterau Foods, as well as an investor and real estate developer.

During his professional career, he met and wed Monica Luna; they were blessed with two daughters.

The Post reported that George had a less-than-stellar reputation when it came to criminal activity. His local record was extensive, including multiple traffic violations and possession of methamphetamines.

His relatives told the Post that he converted to Messianic Judaism, a relatively new faith not commonly recognized by major Jewish denominations but which has an active following in Orange County.

Achievements and Honors

On April 17th, more than 50 outstanding students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences received awards at Honors Day held at Benedict Auditorium. Junior Vanessa Patten earned herself the Alexander Kende Academic Merit award for her academic excellence, interest in medicine or bio-medical research, as well as service to the College.

A Washington Post investigation uncovered George Mayerhofer’s criminal record in California between 1990 and 2004. However, online court records revealed no prison time despite reports that he was sent to jail at least once.

Personal Life

George Mayerhofer is of Mexican and German descent and serves in the Air Force as both an officer and Special Operations.

Three members of Luna’s extended family have confirmed to the Post that her father was a former drug addict who was raised as Catholic. However, her mother revealed to the Post that while in recovery from addiction, he converted to Messianic Judaism.

Immigration records reviewed by The Post reveal that Luna’s paternal grandfather, Heinrich Mayerhofer, identified himself as a Roman Catholic when he immigrated to Canada in 1954. Many family members also said he served in Nazi Germany’s armed forces during World War II; one of his sons, Edward Mayerhofer, provided a photo of himself wearing his Wehrmacht uniform which experts at Simon Wiesenthal Center confirmed was authentic.

Net Worth

Anna Paulina Luna has made her father George Mayerhofer the focus of her campaign for the 13th District in Congress. According to Luna, her dad suffered from addiction throughout her childhood and even spent time in jail; however, The Post was unable to confirm this claim when searching for records that showed George being in custody when Luna was young.

Her father was raised Catholic, but she believes he followed Messianic Judaism and instilled those beliefs in her. However, her extended family disputes these assertions; they say her dad was an immigrant from Germany who served in the Nazi army and never practiced any form of Judaism. Additionally, they confirmed to The Post that he passed away last year from a car accident. To learn more about her mother and cousin – both members of her extended family – The Post reached out to both of them: her mom and cousin who both belong to this circle –

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