George McGoldrick

George McGoldrick

George McGoldrick is the founder and president of Black Rock Country Club in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Additionally, he owns Harbor Run Development LLC and Cohasset Hospitality Partners.

In 1999, McGoldrick and a partner began building Black Rock Golf Course on land they purchased from the quarry. To finance their endeavor, they sold golf memberships to raise money for construction of both the golf course and homes that would follow.

Early Life and Education

George McGoldrick (born 1930) and his siblings lived in the shadow of the Boston bombings for much of the Great Depression. Luckily for George, his mother was an expert lawyer and his dad a man of few words – leading him to success as both a lawyer and litigator. Having saved up money over time, they relocated to sunny Southern California in 1950 where he still practices law today with many friends along the way. One notable honor among many is an unrestricted stock award from Pepperdine School of Law which he generously shares with students and faculty alike; plus, as a husband and father to four children he dedicatedly throughout life.

Professional Career

George McGoldrick has an impressive range of professional experience that spans his architectural career and public service in his community. His accomplishments include success in private practice, employment with two Connecticut architectural firms, Executive Directorship at a municipal redevelopment agency and election as City Councilor.

He serves as Executive Vice President of Real Estate & Property Development for TJX Companies Inc. and is accountable for overseeing the growth of all US brands as well as overseeing distribution center development activities.

Over his nineteen year career with TJX, he has developed over 100 club locations, 80 gas stations and four distribution centers. Furthermore, he is responsible for various real estate functions like market research & analysis, building architecture, store design & planning, fixtures construction as well as property/energy management.

Achievements and Honors

George McGoldrick was an investment banker in New York City and also a Korean War veteran and Villanova graduate.

As a community leader, he was renowned for his sense of humour and concern for others. He was proud grandfather to Katie Hunter, Daniel Hunter, Kathy Mulhall and Bob Mulhall as well as an uncle to many nieces and nephews.

He served on committees and served on the board of directors of AIA Connecticut for many years, always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Professor Karen Dunning of UMass Amherst recently received the Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Community Service Award and International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Impact Stipend for her projects in New Bedford to revitalize park spaces and support small, minority-owned businesses.

Personal Life

George McGoldrick has a vibrant personal life that includes family and friends. He also achieved success as an actor and comedian.

His paintings and sculptures often draw inspiration from English rural communities and histories, both ancient and modern; witchcraft, boy scouts, flower committees at village churches – to name a few.

He is a member of Artists for Social Responsibility, founded by John Berger in 1990. He has received grants from both Arts Council England and the National Foundation for Art and Culture.

He has extensive experience working with USA, Spike TV and Syfy as the SVP of Original Scripted Programming. At USA he oversaw the creation of popular series such as Suits, White Collar and Royal Pains.

Net Worth

George McGoldrick, a former Goldman Sachs executive, recently left to launch his own distressed-investing fund. The new company, Mt. Kellett, plans on raising $5 billion.

McGoldrick was a veteran of Goldman, serving as co-head of their Global Special Situations Group. Sources at the bank credit him with turning it into a moneymaking machine.

He ran his own private equity firm and was part of the founding team behind Hopu Investments, a China-focused fund.

McGoldrick is a former member of Goldmans Asian equity team and has earned himself a reputation for doing deals in distressed areas. He views the financial crisis as an ideal time to acquire assets at discounted prices, though he has yet to complete a high-profile deal.

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