George Melvin

George Melvin

George Melvin is a renowned musician who has performed around the world. He’s renowned for his captivating performances and wide array of instruments.

He is an accomplished pianist who has performed with numerous popular music bands and been featured on countless television shows.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

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Melvin was a lawyer specializing in litigation and appellate cases. He has represented clients before state and federal courts.

George had a passion for music that transcended his legal career. He performed on Hammond B-3 organ and piano as bandleader, side musician, studio musician and more, earning him praise from musicians and vocalists alike. George enjoyed performing for charitable events, senior citizens facilities and schools too – his love of music being evident through the songs written by Midnight Riptide – that were inspired by him.

Achievements and Honors

George Melvin has achieved great successes and been honored with numerous honors throughout his career as both a music composer and songwriter.

George has always demonstrated a deep-felt devotion to his family and the Metis community. A fluent Michif speaker, George is an enthusiastic supporter of revitalization, preservation, and teaching the language in its original form.

He is the recipient of numerous awards, such as the Manitoba Metis Federation Metis Elder Award, Manitoba Aboriginal Leadership Award and Saskatchewan Governor General’s Medal for Leadership in Arts.

He is a highly-respected member of both the Canadian community and American Metis Society, having served on multiple committees and boards. Survived by his wife and children, he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Personal Life

George Melvin was a beloved husband and father who dedicated his life to his family. He also had an exceptional musical talent; he played the Hammond B-3 organ beautifully as well as having an exceptional knack for piano accompaniment.

He was an integral member of the local jazz scene for years and performed regularly at Fossett’s and South Street Brewery. Additionally, he toured nationally and internationally.

He was a veteran of the United States Army who served in the North Atlantic Theater during World War II. Upon his return home he was awarded with the American Theatre Service Medal, EAME Service Medal with 5 Bronze Stars, Good Conduct Medal and World War II Victory Medal.

Net Worth

George Melvin was born in Columbia, South Carolina on May 20, 1979 and currently works as a journalist, anchor, and host for MSNBC’s Today show.

He began his career at WIS-TV in 1996 as an intern, reporter, and eventually producer before transitioning into full time broadcasting in 2008. In 2008 he left WIS-TV to join WRC-TV, NBC’s owned-and-operated station in Washington D.C.

In 2018, he reported from Pyeongchang County for NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. In September, he was promoted to weekday news anchor on Today and formed part of their cast of hosts for Today Third Hour in October. Additionally, in 2020 he co-hosted NBC’s annual presentation of lighting up of Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

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