George Nikolakakos

George Nikolakakos is Running For the Montana House of Representatives in HD-26

George Nikolakakos is a successful businessman and twenty-year Air Force/Montana National Guard Veteran. He’s running for the Montana House of Representatives in HD-26 to address the problems that Montanans face every day.

He has extensive experience developing and operating real estate businesses throughout Montana. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic champion for economic opportunity and affordable housing options for all Montanans.

Early Life and Education

George is a twenty year Air Force and Montana National Guard Veteran who has earned himself the reputation as “the go-to guy.” A long time Great Falls resident and proud 5th generation Montanan, his big picture thinking and inquisitive nature make him an ideal candidate to fill the open seat left by retiring Senator and Congressman Tom McCall in the state legislature. As a first timer in politics, George is ready to tackle pressing issues facing Montanans of all backgrounds.

Professional Career

George Nikolakakos spent eight years working for the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell in New York City, where he encountered the darker side of Wall Street – which he labeled an exclusive club of bankers and lawyers who lined their pockets while scorning retail investors.

He became frustrated with the way financial markets were being exploited, so he left his old firm and started his own real estate business in Montana.

He’s a 20 year Air Force/Montana National Guard veteran who has built and operated several real estate enterprises throughout the state of Montana. Additionally, he is dedicated to housing sector business growth as both “Housing Champion” and “Montana Housing Advocate of the Year 2020,” believing that housing attainability should be accessible for all Montanans – and will fight to make this happen.

Achievements and Honors

George Nikolakakos is a twenty year Air Force/Montana National Guard Veteran, real estate industry leader, and successful business owner. He has built his company and serves on the Board of Directors for a statewide housing non-profit. George’s qualifications and drive to serve everyday Montanans will be evident from day one in the legislature.

He is running for House District 26 and wants to address the problems facing all Montanans from day one. He understands the significance of economic opportunity, attainable housing and public safety, working to build a strong foundation that preserves existing affordable housing while encouraging new development with incentives and creative solutions. Most importantly, he’ll support creating new opportunities in our community so Great Falls becomes an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

Personal Life

George Nikolakakos is a 20 year Air Force and Montana National Guard veteran with an impressive list of awards and recognition. As an accomplished businessman and proud dad to four 5th generation Montanans, he understands the significance of economic opportunity, affordable housing and long-term investing – principles which he passionately advocates for.

George is a fiscally conservative businessman with the experience and drive to make an impact for Montanans on day one of the legislature. With his successful track record of serving citizens and delivering results, George is ready to bring that energy to Capitol for all Montanans. George is the best person for the job and will be a voice for all Montanans – whether it’s solving our state’s housing crisis or improving public safety – George wants to make Montana an even better place to live.

Net Worth

George Nikolakakos has an estimated net worth of $800,000. As a successful businessman and owner of a statewide housing non-profit organization, as well as being twenty years in the Air Force/Montana National Guard, his expertise in real estate development and sustainable growth for Montana’s economy are second to none. As candidate for office in 2018, George will strive to create opportunities for everyday Montanans by addressing issues like affordable housing that are impacting our state – issues which he is ready to tackle from day one in the legislature.

He is a Republican running for the House of Representatives in Montana’s District 26. His goal is to work on behalf of Montanans, advocating for an improved economy, affordable housing options and strong public schools.

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