George Pierrot

George Pierrot

George Pierrot was an renowned explorer, author, and raconteur who gained notoriety in Detroit during his lifetime.

He was the host of the World Adventure Series (later renamed George Pierrot Presents), taking Detroit viewers on an international journey. Additionally, he provided entertainment to USO troops at Fort Knox every month during WWII.

Early Life and Education

George Pierrot was born on January 11, 1898 in Chicago, Illinois and later relocated to Ballard, Washington as a child. While attending public school there, he developed an interest in photography.

He had an avid reading habit and was actively engaged in school debates. Additionally, he served as class president and editor of the school paper.

George was an avid fan of both circuses and music halls when he was younger. His ambitions led him to pursue a career in clowning, often appearing at fairground shows.

Years later, he found success as an actor at the Parisian theater, appearing regularly in pantomimes and Harlequinades. Additionally, he was often cast as a supporting character in other plays.

Professional Career

George Pierrot was an esteemed travel writer and raconteur, known for his entertaining lectures and performances at service organizations and other non-profits.

His career took off when he pitched a weekly travelogue program to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). This proved immensely popular and helped boost attendance at the DIA during the Great Depression.

The series featured guest travelers who showed and narrated their 16mm films as they traveled around the world. Notable names included Stan Midgley, Don Cooper, Dennis Glen Cooper, and Lowell Thomas.

He hosted a TV show that aired on Channel 7 from 1951 to 1970, featuring guest travelers from the Circumnavigator’s Club who shot their own 16mm film while travelling around the world.

Achievements and Honors

George Pierrot was an renowned World Traveler, Author, and Raconteur who earned awards for his work in Journalism, Travelling, and Television.

He was actively involved in numerous clubs, civic organizations and the United Service Organization. Additionally, he wrote articles for newspapers and magazines in Detroit’s area, presented lectures at the Detroit Institute of Art and hosted travel programs on TV.

He was an avid reader and particularly fond of comic books. He gained notoriety for his dry wit and sarcastic sense of humor, which were evident in his writings.

Personal Life

George Pierrot is a widely popular and recognizable figure, appearing in everything from street-mime sketches to TV shows, comic books, children’s literature, anime films, and Hollywood movies. He’s also often featured in pop music or rock music and the subject of many young adult books.

He was born on January 11, 1898 in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Ballard, Washington when he was eight. While attending public school and debating during high school, he gained prominence by serving as class president and editor of the school paper for two terms.

His grandmother had a special place in her heart for him and encouraged him to learn as much as he could about the arts. She enrolled him in art classes and encouraged him to research France’s and Spain’s art histories, leading to an immense appreciation of Jean-Francois Regnard, Antoine Watteau, and Jules Janin’s works.

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