George Porpora

George Porpora

George Porcha is a reality TV star currently featured on Temptation Island. He’s one of the few cast members without an extensive social media following, but that could change after the show ends.

George has extensive coaching experience before becoming a reality TV star, including AAU coaching and high school coaching. Furthermore, he’s been actively involved in the Boo Williams Summer League for three years running.

Early Life and Education

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Porcha is a former college coach and joins BC from West Virginia, where he spent 5 seasons on the staff. A key figure in their WNIT second round appearance, Porcha helped Liz Repella and Takisha Granberry earn All-BIG EAST second team honors as well as mentoring Sarah Miles – winner of the BIG EAST Most Improved Player Award – during her time there.

Professional Career

Porsa, a medical doctor by training, was the first physician to lead Harris Health System. He took office during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been inspired by the chance to serve underserved populations.

He is a well-rounded professional, having earned both a Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio and a medical degree from University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School in Houston. Additionally, he holds an MBA in health care leadership from University of Texas Dallas; with special interest in social determinants of health (SDOH) and prison healthcare delivery systems. In his role as President and CEO of Harris Health System, Porsa will manage an $1.4 billion budget while guaranteeing its residents receive safe and high quality care.

Achievements and Honors

George Porpora was an acclaimed composer renowned for his many operas. He also taught music and singing to many notable figures, such as Pietro Metastasio, Franz Joseph Haydn and castrato singers Farinelli, Caffarelli and Uberti.

He was both a music teacher in Naples and Venice as well as an accomplished composer. His works ranged from operas, serenatas and pasticcios to sacred church music.

Personal Life

George Porsa has an illustrious career in healthcare. As a seasoned physician, his expertise lies in providing health care to inmates–particularly tuberculosis management and MRSA control–with particular focus on correctional settings.

He currently serves as President and CEO of Harris Health System in Houston. Prior to this role, he served as executive vice president and chief strategy officer of Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas. In his present position, he is leading the organization into its next phase of growth.

Net Worth

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