George Rhone

George Rhone is a Valuable Asset to the University of Alabama

Over his decades as a hotel bellman in Atlanta and Tuscaloosa, George Rhone has made many friends – Hollywood celebrities, rock royalty, political powerhouses.

George currently resides at 2728 43rd Avenue in Tuscaloosa, AL and Rainey Mortuary Service is providing his final care.

Early Life and Education

George Rhone has had the unique opportunity over four decades as a hotel bellman to meet some of the world’s most renowned and powerful individuals. From Hollywood celebrities and rock royalty, to political titans such as President Gerald Ford and Alabama Governor George Wallace, he has served his community with distinction.

He recognizes the significance of keeping an office environment tidy and organized, which is why he started his own cleaning business.

He has earned a reputation for excellence in his profession. His hard work, honesty and dedication have earned him many accolades and honors over the years. Additionally, he is known to be an exemplary role model for young children; dedicated to ensuring all children have access to high-quality education.

Professional Career

George Rhone is an invaluable asset to the University of Alabama as a longstanding business affairs coordinator. With 15 years of experience supporting administrative and financial functions for various offices, George has gained an intimate knowledge of managing departments and achieving objectives.

His work has taken him around the globe. He was instrumental in building ICORE Healthcare, a company that offers cutting-edge solutions for payers in managing specialty drugs.

He previously led CDMI, LLC which offered comprehensive management solutions for payers and is currently engaged in several exciting initiatives. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia and is an active member of the American Bar Association; prior to this role, he was an associate attorney at Kirkland & Ellis.

Achievements and Honors

George Rhone has earned numerous honors and awards throughout his career. Additionally, he is actively engaged in the community as a member of “Atlanta Ol’ Skool” drummers.

He has been a leader in the education industry for years, dedicated to ensuring all students have an equal chance at success. As assistant superintendent of transformation at Houston ISD, Campbell-Rhone oversees 24 of its most challenging campuses.

He has served on the AAAS Philip Hauge Abelson Prize Committee since 2011, and he is an active participant of the Georgia Association for Advancement of Science (GAAS) since 2009. Recently, he was recognized as one of 2019 GAAS Executives of the Year for his contributions to science. His work is highly respected within academia and he continues to make major advances in this field.

Personal Life

George Rhone has always put the customer’s needs first in his 20 years as a bellman at Four Points Sheraton hotel.

His long and successful career has not gone unnoticed by his colleagues or hotel management. His meticulous attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for guests have earned him a place of honor among everyone who stays there.

He is a dedicated father, but his relationship with his wife Lois is far from harmonious. She embezzles money from the bank in order to support Len while he’s away at university.

Net Worth

George Rhone has spent decades serving as a hotel bellman in Tuscaloosa and Atlanta, serving countless celebrities, Hollywood elites and rock royalty. He’s carried bags for Burt Reynolds, Jackie Gleason and Chuck Berry just to name a few.

Those who’ve had the honor of sharing a hotel room with Rhone know how much he cares about his guests’ experience. Whether working at Four Points Sheraton in Tuscaloosa or Riviera hotel in Atlanta, Rhone always puts the customer needs first.

He’s a man who understands the value of hard work, which has allowed him to remain in the hospitality industry for so long. His impressive net worth has been earned through years of putting customers first and providing superior service.

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