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George Rider served as track and cross country coach at Miami University for 36 years, winning nine Buckeye Conference titles and 10 consecutive Mid-American Conference championships. A member of the Helms Athletic Foundation Track and Field Coaches Hall of Fame, his legacy lives on today.

While in jail, Rider plotted with a federal informant to burn down his $1 million Macomb County home in order to collect $2 million in insurance payouts. His brother Lawrence Rider-El also participated in this criminal enterprise.

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Professional Career

George Rider made his name as a rodeo cowboy and an accomplished competitor. He participated in 150 professional rodeos, covering over 125,000 miles with success at every one. Rider won or placed at the highest percentage of rodeos that he entered.

He was a two-time RCA bull riding world champion and National Finals bull riding average winner, as well as earning himself the title of World Record Holder by successfully riding 79 bulls in succession.

George Rider served Miami University for 39 years as a coach, leading his teams to Ohio Conference titles the first year in football, basketball and baseball.

Achievements and Honors

George Rider’s 36-year coaching career saw Miami track teams win nine Buckeye Conference titles and 10 consecutive Mid-American Conference crowns. Additionally, he served as Miami’s athletic director for 16 years and was inducted into the Helms Athletic Foundation Track and Field Coaches Hall of Fame in 1957.

George Rider was found guilty of first-degree murder in the January 2017 killing of Julii Johnson in Warren and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

He was the getaway driver who organized for a hitman to kill Johnson. A Macomb County jury found him, Marcie Griffin and Eric Gibson guilty of the crime.

Personal Life

George Rider was a renowned rodeo competitor during the 1960s. He earned numerous titles in both bareback bronc riding and bull riding events.

He earned a reputation as an uncompromising cowboy and was praised for his discipline and tenacity. A two-time world champion in both events, he went on to win over 150 rodeos.

He was an acclaimed actor, appearing in multiple films. Survived by his wife Patricia Gann Harris, son Jason and daughter Angela Marr, as well as friend Donnie Reynolds, he will be missed dearly.

Net Worth

George Rider is a fun-loving individual who dedicates his time to what he enjoys most: comedy and acting. With an estimated net worth of $45 million dollars, George Ride can afford to do what he loves best!

He is renowned for his charity work, dedicating much of his time to aiding those in need around Los Angeles.

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