George Rodman

George Rodman

Former NBA basketball player George Rodman is renowned for his numerous tattoos and dreadlocks. Additionally, he’s an actor with several notable roles onscreen.

He is a Democrat and declared his candidacy for sheriff on Tuesday. He will face off against longtime Jefferson County Sheriff John Aubrey in the primary election.

Early Life and Education

On October 20, 1896, George Rodman was born in Gridley, Kansas to Thomas and Lillian (Steele) Rodman.

He attended high school in Madison, Kansas before landing his first job as an oilfield roughneck in El Dorado, Kansas.

After leaving his family business, he worked as a nighttime janitor to support himself. It was during this period that he achieved incredible growth – growing an amazing 12 inches and changing career plans completely.

He worked as a salesman for Dunigan Tool and Supply Company, in addition to owning numerous ranches across Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

Professional Career

George Rodman enjoyed an illustrious basketball career, representing multiple teams in the NBA. Throughout his professional tenure, he set many records on the court and earned many accolades.

He was an outstanding rebounder and defensive player throughout his career, earning three times Defensive Player of the Year honors as well as being named to the All-NBA First Team.

His NBA career spanned six years, during which he played for several teams including the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

Achievements and Honors

George Rodman was an acclaimed basketball player who had a dominating presence on the court. He earned two times NBA defensive player of the year honors and was selected for two All-Star games.

He is an internationally-renowned communication expert and the author of numerous books on interpersonal, public and mass communication. Additionally, he holds a professorial position at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.

He has earned numerous accolades throughout his career, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and a lifetime achievement award from the National Council on Communication.

Personal Life

Rodman’s personal life was filled with highs and lows. As a bad boy, he frequently dyed his hair different colors and had numerous piercings. He had an affair with Madonna and briefly married Carmen Electra.

Rodman had an illustrious professional basketball career despite his troubled personal life, scoring more than 10,000 points and being named to the NBA All-Star team twice.

After his retirement, he served as an instructor for the Louisville Metro Police Department and was also the father of fallen officer Nick Rodman who tragically passed away while performing his duties in 2014.

Net Worth

Rodman amassed a substantial fortune from his basketball career. Additionally, he earned money through endorsements and advertising campaigns.

He was an impressive rebounder and tough defender for the University of Miami from 1992-1997, helping his team win seven consecutive bounce crowns during that span. Collegiating alongside Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen during their incredible championship runs, his fierce competitive spirit spurred them on to victory.

In addition to his basketball career, Rodman also dabbled in professional wrestling. As part of the nWo, he faced off against Hulk Hogan twice during two Bash at the Beach pay-per-views.

In 1997, he co-starred in the action film Double Team alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mickey Rourke. It was critically panned, earning him a triple Razzie Award for his performance.

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