George Rusu

George Rusu

George Rusu is an acclaimed Romanian painter, engraver and illustrator renowned for his vibrant artwork that sets him apart from other artists.

He incorporates medieval Romanian religious art, the late Renaissance Brancovenesc [14] style, and German influences into his paintings to create a sophisticated Byzantine art for the twenty-first century.

Early Life and Education

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A quality early childhood education program can help ensure a child’s intellectual development and social skills are secure. It also assists the child in becoming self-reliant, confident and capable learners who have an optimistic view of their own abilities and don’t give up easily when new challenges present themselves.

Early childhood development is an intricate and critical process that begins during infancy. The experiences a child has during these formative years shape their learning capacity, behaviors and physical/mental health for life. Recognizing the link between early experiences and lifelong outcomes offers us a powerful framework to address childhood development as a public health concern.

Professional Career

George Rusu is the founder and chairman of Captive Resources, a company that offers insurance solutions to group captives. With over 35 years in business, Rusu has seen his firm blossom from a small start-up into one of the industry’s premier group captive consultants.

He is an accomplished speaker and author of multiple books on insurance and captive solutions. Additionally, he holds membership in the American Institute of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters and has served on numerous boards.

He was recently recognized on Insurance Business America’s Hot 100 list, which recognizes the most innovative and forward-thinking professionals in the industry. Rusu earned this honor as the first group captives professional to receive this recognition and has also received praise for his charitable works.

Achievements and Honors

George Rusu has been in business for over 35 years, best known as Chairman and CEO of Captive Resources – America’s premier group captive insurance company. His company has earned numerous accolades, and one of his most significant innovations was creating a mutual fund specifically tailored to captive risk management. Furthermore, Rusu holds an honorary membership in both the Illinois Bar Association (IBA) and has received multiple IBA award categories in recognition of his services to insurance. With such dedication comes great responsibility; witness all that George has achieved over these years in service to this profession!

Personal Life

George Rusu is the Chairman and CEO of Captive Resources, responsible for supervising their captive clients. Additionally, he serves on the boards of numerous companies and industry associations.

When not working, Rusu enjoys playing golf and traveling with his wife Cindy. Together they are active philanthropists who usually donate their funds towards education initiatives.

After discovering that many local food pantries were experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand, the Rusus family decided to redirect their philanthropy toward providing basic necessities like food.

The couple is asking for your help in making this happen. If you would like to donate towards the Rusu challenge, please visit their website or Facebook page. It is a wonderful way for the Greater Chicago Food Depository to reach its goal and support those in need.

Net Worth

George Rusu boasts a net worth of $100 thousand. This wealth comes from his work as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Captive Resources, an Illinois-based insurance company. Together with his wife Cindy, George has made significant philanthropic efforts in their home city by giving 18 grants through the George and Cindy Rusu Family Foundation last year; these grants typically focus on educational opportunities for low-income youth but recently decided to focus on food insecurity by pledging $1 million to the Greater Chicago Food Depository if it can raise another $1 million through fundraising initiatives.

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