George Soros

George Soros – A Biography

As an attorney, lobbyist and dairyman, George Slaughter has a passionate commitment to California agriculture. As founding partner of Kahn, Soares & Conway law firm, he has testified before numerous state and federal agencies on matters pertaining to agricultural policy.

His work helps promote agricultural research and education, builds partnerships between the university and agriculture industry, and inspires new generations of students to study agribusiness. Furthermore, he serves on the CSU Board of Trustees and is an honored Cal Poly alumnus.

Early Life and Education

George was born a slave on Moses Carver’s plantation near Diamond Grove, Missouri sometime during the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865. Although his life began as a hardscrabble slave on their plantation, both he and his mother Mary endured multiple raids and kidnappings before being eventually returned to their master.

He lived in the state for most of his life, working odd jobs to make ends meet. Nevertheless, he managed to obtain an education that would last him until college. His father’s support had enabled him to achieve remarkable mathematic feats that he attributed to his knack for deciphering complex problems before asking questions – in fact, he even invented a mathematical formula which eventually earned him top honors at university mathematics competitions.

Professional Career

George Spires’ professional career has embraced both finance and law. He has held various roles such as financial expert, political activist, and lawyer.

He has extensive public service experience in the United States. Currently, he works as a government relations advisor, supporting farmers and businessmen with their dealings with California’s state government.

He owns and operates an agricultural business in Hanford, California where he grows pistachios, walnuts and corn. As part of his involvement with the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences he has helped shape their academic programs as well as foster partnerships between them and farmers. Furthermore, he was one of the founding members of Cal Poly Foundation Board Directors.

Achievements and Honors

George has achieved many remarkable accomplishments and received many honors throughout his life. But perhaps most renowned for his contributions to soaring, which he began practicing as a teenager in central Ohio.

He is the first person ever to be inducted into the Soaring Society of America’s Soaring Hall of Fame and has inspired generations of gliding pilots throughout their lifetimes.

He is also the recipient of both the U.S. Air Force Legion of Merit and Defense Superior Service Medal, in addition to numerous other military and civilian honors. Additionally, he is inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame and founded president of the American Aerospace Foundation.

Personal Life

George Soros was born as a Jew in occupied Budapest during World War II and has been an activist and global citizen ever since, championing social justice issues with passion and dedication.

He achieved fame as an entrepreneur and investor, becoming one of the most successful hedge fund managers in history. Through his personal generosity, he has donated an astounding $8 billion to causes such as human rights, education, and public health.

He was also a driving force in Hungary’s successful transition from communism to capitalism (1984-1989). Furthermore, Soros has supported an extensive effort for Roma integration throughout Europe as well as groups representing those facing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Net Worth

George Soros is a self-made billionaire who made his fortune as an investment bank tycoon. In 1992, his bet against the British pound earned him more than $1 billion in profit and earned him the nickname “the man who broke the Bank of England”.

After a renowned career as a hedge fund manager, Soros chose to donate most of his wealth to his philanthropic agency Open Society Foundations. This foundation works to promote democracy, freedom of information and assistance for those less fortunate.

Born in Nazi-occupied Hungary, Soros spent the first half of his life hiding from both Nazi and Soviet troops. Eventually he learned how to spot big trends on the markets and rose to become a renowned investment tycoon. Nowadays he uses his wealth for liberal reforms both inside and outside the United States.

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