George Thorsen

George Thorsen

George Thorsen was an accomplished producer, director and writer of various film and television projects. He also created JOE PAPP IN FIVE ACTS – an award-winning documentary about Joe Papp, the street kid who insisted art should be accessible to everyone.

He suffered emotional distress damages as a result of being reduced in job duties due to his political faction affiliation. The jury determined that the defendants engaged in retaliation against him for exercising his First Amendment rights.

Early Life and Education

One of the hallmarks of human nature is our capacity for learning. Education plays a significant role in this process, which social scientists refer to as socialization or enculturation. From New Guinea tribes and Renaissance Florentines to middle-class Manhattanites and beyond, this process transforms children into adults who understand and operate within their society.

One of the foundational theories in early childhood education is Erikson’s psychosocial theory, which emphasizes that every child is unique and requires support at different stages of development. This understanding has been essential in deciding how best to teach young children and helping educators develop their own teaching style.

Due to this, several specialized teaching methods have emerged with their own set of standards. These approaches are seen as successful ways to instruct young children and are often referred to as “best practices.”

Professional Career

George Thorsen was an accomplished professional basketball player and coach. He played for the UBC Thunderbirds and earned himself a place on Canada’s national team.

He was also a professor of basketball and athletics at UBC, winning two consecutive national championships with the Thunderbirds.

Throughout his career, he earned numerous accolades for his exceptional play on the court. He was named B.C. University Athlete of the Year and received a John Owen bursary during his studies at UBC.

He was an enthusiastic athlete, always enjoying playing sports. Additionally, he volunteered for various causes and organizations, such as his church. Travelling to different countries allowed him to connect with people from around the world. Above all else, he was a wonderful family man adored by many.

Achievements and Honors

George Thorsen has achieved many great things throughout his life. Perhaps his most renowned accomplishment was creating a plane from scratch by himself.

He currently resides at Angell Park Senior Apartments and adds a splash of color with his flower garden and enthusiasm for planes that he shares with his neighbors.

He earned both a master’s degree in civil engineering and doctorate of engineering at the University of Minnesota. Additionally, he founded and managed a project management company for mining projects, while being an active member of both MMSA (Mining & Metallurgical Society of America) and IEEE.

Personal Life

Thorsen is a tall, silvery-blonde man with a dark tan. His left thigh features an impressive bullet scar.

George has an affinity for planes. He captures images of them and incorporates them into his artwork.

He takes great pleasure in gardening and keeps a small garden at his apartment.

His favorite flower is moss roses, and his house is decked out in them.

Thorsen struggled with depression and anxiety throughout his career. Despite taking antidepressants for years, he felt like he was simply going through the motions.

Net Worth

George Thorsen is an enthusiastic airplane enthusiast at 92 years old. He still enjoys flying his custom-built airplane in Hartford and tending to his flower garden outside his home that he loves tending. There, he grows moss roses, canna lily, hibiscus and mandevilla which brighten up his living room and attract attention from neighbors. Despite his age, George remains active and keeps busy with his hobbies of airplanes and flowers. Leaving behind a loving wife and three children; his net worth is $38,000 – please share memories or condolences with them in the comment section below.

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