Georges Laval

Georges Laval is a Small, Family-Owned Champagne House

Georges Laval is an organic Champagne house based in Cumieres, near Epernay. This family-run establishment has a long and distinguished history within the industry.

Vincent Laval has been crafting wines since 1971, and he’s one of the few Champagne producers who embraces organic principles. He does not use lab yeasts or spraying chemicals that may pollute the environment or dilute his wines, as he believes these steps help preserve their quality while increasing sustainability.

Early Life and Education

Georges Laval was born into a family that has been making wine for four generations. He has dedicated his life to working at the family business and now has an adult son named Vincent who also works there.

As a young man, he had an avid reading habit. Later, he went on to study law and eventually became a lawyer.

Throughout the First World War, he remained a staunch pacifist. Additionally, as a Socialist Party member in the Chamber of Deputies, he served in that body.

He served as French prime minister from 1931-32 and 1935-36, working closely with Aristide Briand to build strong relations between France and Germany.

Professional Career

Georges Laval was an illustrious lawyer and politician who held numerous government posts throughout his career. In 1919, he served as Minister of Public Works (Garde des Sceaux) under Paul Painleve’s government before being appointed Under-Secretary to President Gaston Doumergue the following year in 1931.

His professional life was marred by controversy. During World War II, he was shot during a troop revue but managed to recover from his wounds.

Laval spent much of his professional life in politics, serving in several ministries such as Gaston Doumergue’s and Louis Barthou’s cabinets. Additionally, he was involved with the Oustric Affair which proved to be a serious political setback for Tardieu’s government.

Achievements and Honors

Georges Laval was an influential figure in France and a renowned politician. A socialist, he served as senator for France from 1970 until his death.

Laval was a pacifist during the First World War and supported Britain’s neutrality. Additionally, he assisted strikers and trade unionists by defending them from government prosecution.

In 1931, Laval formed a government under President Gaston Doumergue to bring political stability and reform the parliamentary system.

Personal Life

Laval’s artisanal approach to his vineyards in Cumieres (a Premier Cru-designated village) serves as a reminder that Champagne remains an active wine region. He doesn’t use the industrial yeasts and chemicals commonly used over four decades, maintaining Champagne’s natural flavors through this approach.

Georges Laval began producing estate-bottled Champagne in 1971, and his son Vincent took over the family’s 2.5 hectare vineyards in 1996. All their wines are organically produced and have been certified by Ecocert for many years.

Net Worth

Georges Laval is the owner and operator of Georges Laval Champagne House in Cumieres. With his son Vincent at the helm, they have been running this estate since 1996.

Their vineyard holdings are only 2.5 hectares, but some of their vines have been in the region for over 70 years. They are passionate about producing organic champagne and have never used synthetic chemicals or herbicides on their vines.

Georges Laval can proudly claim that they were pioneers in this regard – having introduced organic farming into the industry decades prior to 1971, when it wasn’t even officially recognized as such.

His business success has earned him a place on Forbes’ list of billionaires. Additionally, he operates a charitable foundation that donates funds to support various causes.

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