Ghost Adventures 26 Release Date

Ghost Adventures 26 Release Date

Ghost Adventures 26 is set to release on October 19, 2016. The latest episode of the spooky paranormal mystery series has the Ghost Adventures crew investigating a mysterious manor house in rural Indiana. This mansion, built in 1845 is a source legend and is believed to be haunted. The crew also investigates the historic Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas, which has a dark history of murder and suicide. In addition, the Ghost Adventures crew tests a magnetic microphone device, and they investigate a ghostly legend that takes place at the Missions Park train tracks.

Ghost Adventures’ first episode was released on October 17, 2008. Currently, there are 26 seasons and one episode in each season. The series has received critical acclaim and continues to entertain viewers around the world. Episodes are released every two months and are a lot of fun to watch. The ghost adventures team investigate some of the world’s most famous haunted locations.

Ghost Adventures 26 is produced by Cream Productions and MY Entertainment and will debut on Travel Channel on October 1. A special episode of the series, Devil’s Den, will air on Discovery+ September 29. Haunted Scotland will debut on October 2, and Jack Osbourne’s Haunted Homecoming will air on Discovery+ October 2. Discovery’s popular Shock Doc series, will also debut The Curse of Robert the Doll on October 28.

Ghost Adventures’ second season will be set in Portland, Oregon and will feature many new locations. The crew will investigate the Old Lincoln County Hospital, which is reportedly haunted by a ghostly spirit known as the Little Girl of Death. The crew will also visit the Westerfeld House in San Francisco that was once used for satanic rituals. The original owner, Byron T. Mills, is rumored to attack women in room 310.

Ghost Adventures will visit Perryville Battlefield Historic Site during Season 5. Perryville was one the most bloody battles of Civil War. The team will visit two locations where ghosts of soldiers are believed to haunt the grounds. The team will explore the John Dye House, which served as a military field hospital, and the H.P. Bottom House, which is situated between battle lines. Its interior is filled with bullet holes and blood stains from 150 years ago.

Ghost Adventures 26 premieres September 29th on Discovery+ and Travel Channel. The series’ first episode, “The Swamper”, stars Aaron Goodwin (along with Billy Tolley). Chris Slater will direct both episodes. Ghost Adventures 26 will also include new episodes of Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters.

You can also download the previous episodes online to catch up. After the 26th season premieres, there are several more seasons in the works. The air date will determine when viewers can catch up with the latest episodes. Six Flags TV is set to broadcast some episodes on their channels.

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