Ghost Tells Tasha He Lost The Love Of His Life

Ghost Tells Tasha He Lost the Love of His Life

When Ghost told Tasha that she lost the love of his life, she thought he meant her. Then, Tasha realized that she had been wrong. She told him that she loved him, but that she was unsure if she could trust him. She also said that she wanted to divorce him.

But then, Ghost had a plan. He had a business in New York and planned to expand it. He had hired a chauffer named Dre to take him around. And then, he met a political strategist named Ramona Garrity. And then, he became passionate with her. But he forgot about his wife’s hold on his estate.

Tasha, meanwhile, was in witness protection. She hoped that she would be released and that she and the kids would live in peace. But, Tasha had been putting up with Ghost’s infidelity for a while. And, as she tries to figure out what happened to Terry, she is also struggling to deal with her grief over his death. She tries to get through it by making the most of every opportunity she has.

The FBI is tracking Ghost, and Angela Valdes is also in on the secret. And, she is also aware that Ghost has been having an affair with her. But, she is still willing to give him a chance to win her back.

When Ghost returned to his house, Tasha was there waiting. And she asked him for half of everything. But, he had no idea that she was pregnant. And, he had no idea that she had been separated from her son. She was trying to move on with her life, but he didn’t know what he had lost. And, he had to admit that he didn’t cry when Angela died. He wasn’t able to save her from New York. But, he was able to give her a son for the rest of her life.

He has been in the news, too. When Tasha told him that she had been separated from her child, he was enraged. But, he later agreed to take her back. And, when she tries to turn herself in, he stops her. But, when he sees that she is pregnant, he is intense. He even bragged about the new life he has with Ramona. And, he cut her out of his will.

But, when he realizes that Tasha is going to blame him for her loss, he decides to give her what she wants. He will go down for her and their kids. But, he will also let her have a chance to find out what is happening. He isn’t willing to sacrifice that for her.

It isn’t too long before he finds out that Tasha is in fact married. He also learned that Tariq is a drug dealer. And, he also learns that a book store clerk is using him. But, he will have to work harder to prove himself.

He’s been doing some serious rearranging. He’s also working with his son Tommy. He knows that he will have to do something to protect Tasha. He’ll have to do some shady things to make her believe him. And, he’ll have to keep his family from coming to ruin.

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