Gigi Maguire Age

Gigi Maguire Age – 44 Years Old

Gigi Maguire was born 23 May 1979 and currently stands 44. She is a podcast host who has amassed considerable wealth.

She is best-known as one of the voices on Angela Yee’s popular Lip Service podcast and has also become immensely popular on social media.

She has two sisters, Tama and Shanika. She is certified pole dance instructor and runs her business PoleFanAddicts Inc.

Early Life and Education

Gigi Maguire, best known as one of the voices on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, has quickly become one of the most beloved personalities on social media and podcasting.

As she struggled financially during her early career, she turned to transporting heroin from Jamaica to New York City illegally – something which would have likely sent her straight to jail had it not been for police officials who saved her by giving just a warning notice.

Gigi Maguire has worked as a stripper dancer at Rain Gentlemen’s Club and King of Diamonds Atlanta as well as appearing on WEtv’s Beyond the pole reality TV series that follows six Atlanta strippers (season 2) as a featured stripper dancer. Furthermore, she runs her own business called PoleFanAddicts Inc where she teaches seven levels of pole dancing as well as fitness classes that incorporate sensuousness.

Professional Career

Gigi Maguire is an esteemed podcaster best known for her appearances on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast. Additionally, she owns PoleFanAddicts Inc, where she offers seven levels of pole dancing classes as well as fitness-based aerobic sessions.

Gigi previously danced at Atlanta’s Magic City. She is the mother of Kaiya Napri Dixon-Bolton; however, Kaiya’s father passed away two years after giving birth.

She maintains an extremely private life, without disclosing any details of her family life or upbringing. People with this life path number, 9, are always seeking new experiences and growth, having an insatiable thirst for knowledge while possessing great senses of humor as well as being extremely friendly individuals.

Achievement and Honors

Gigi Maguire is widely recognized for being one of the voices on Lip Service podcast. Additionally, she has gained much attention on social media platforms.

She is a certified pole dance instructor, running her own business – PoleFanAddicts Inc – as well as having appeared on a variety of programs such as Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast and Georgia Hardstark’s XOXO show.

Bartending experience includes Rain Gentlemen’s Club and King of Diamonds Atlanta, while she has also hosted Lip Service podcast with Angela Yee and Stephanie Santiago – with notable guests like Cardi B, French Montana and Brandee Evans making appearances.

Personal Life

Gigi Maguire is a popular podcast host and stripper dancer. Additionally, she holds her pole dance instructor certification and businesswoman status. Gigi appeared in WEtv’s Beyond the Pole reality show featuring six Atlanta strippers (season two). At present she works as bartender at Rain Gentlemen’s Club and King of Diamonds as well as running her own company called PoleFanAddictsInc.

She leads a very discreet life and does not share information about her relationships or marriage plans with the public. There has never been confirmation if she is currently dating anyone or not.

Her birth sign, Gemini, indicates that she can have passionate romantic attachments but can also be easily dissatisfied with love affairs and partners. Mercury is her ruling planet. Tama and Shanika are her sisters.

Net Worth

Gigi Maguire is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $4 Million. She is an American businesswoman, pole dance instructor and podcast host based out of San Francisco who owns PoleFanAddicts Inc – an academy where she offers seven levels of pole dancing classes – as well as co-hosting Lip Service podcast with Angela Yee and Stephanie Santiago; featuring guests like French Montana and Cardi B.

She stars on WE tv’s show Beyond the Pole, following eight Atlanta strippers as they explore new careers outside of stripping.

She has three sisters, Tama and Shanika. Her personal life remains confidential; no details regarding a romantic partner were mentioned during the interview. As a child she described herself as an ugly duckling but now considers herself to be beautiful swan.

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