Gilbert Roland Net Worth

Gilbert Roland net worth is well known in Hollywood. Additionally, he is well renowned for his charitable activities, having donated significant funds towards helping those in need.

Born December 11, 1905 in Juarez, Mexico and later moving with his parents to Texas. He gained prominence through both silent and talkies films; most notably for playing Cisco Kid in 11 movies.

Early Life and Education

Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso, better known by his professional name Gilbert Roland was an American-Mexican actor renowned for his roles in film, television and theatre productions. Born 11 December 1905 and passing away 88 years later.

Roland was raised in El Paso, Texas and frequently returned there throughout his life. This love for El Paso’s diverse population was evident in his work – Roland often spoke about wanting to portray an authentic representation of Hispanics on screen.

His stunning looks secured him numerous roles in both silent films and sound movies, from saloon roles to romantic leads – even playing the iconic Cisco Kid himself! He took up this name as a tribute to silent stars John Gilbert and Ruth Roland whose names he chose as screen names.

Professional Career

Gilbert Roland is an esteemed celebrity who has attained worldwide popularity. To reach this stage of his career, he has done considerable hard work. To ensure people can reach him easily and send gifts, he provides his phone number as well as sharing his office address so people can connect easily.

Gilbert Roland was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico on 11 December 1905 and became one of the most acclaimed actors of his day, playing leading men roles both silent and talkies, alongside Clara Bow and Norma Talmadge whom he romantically involved with; taking the name Gilbert Roland after their favorite actors John Gilbert and Ruth Roland who shared it; making history by being the only true Mexican to portray Cisco Kid in movies.

Achievement and Honors

Roland enjoyed a distinguished acting career that saw him appear in over one hundred feature films. Twice nominated for a Golden Globe Award and awarded with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Roland also had roles on television series such as Zorro, Wagon Train, Medical Center and Kung Fu.

Gilbert Roland was originally known by its original name of Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso; however, in honor of silent movie stars John Gilbert and Ruth Roland he adopted Gilbert Roland as his stage name. A close companion of Buster Keaton, Gilbert Roland often traveled together to Spain for bullfights.

Roland was both an actor and author, contributing human-interest articles to Good Housekeeping and Reader’s Digest magazines. He married twice and had several children before he passed away at 88 in Beverly Hills, California.

Personal Life

Roland had an illustrious screen career spanning seventy years – from silent films to television. As someone of Mexican heritage himself, Roland worked to ensure Hollywood offered positive images rather than stereotypical depictions of Latin Americans on-screen. Furthermore, Roland often published human interest pieces in popular publications like Good Housekeeping and Reader’s Digest magazines.

He married three times and had two children before passing away on May 15, 1994 in Beverly Hills, California.

Roland was widely respected and was supportive to all the actors he worked with, according to Ana-Alicia, one of his co-stars in the 1979 NBC miniseries The Sacketts. She described him as an outstanding individual: Roland had many friends in El Paso where his family home was and would spend time there when not attending charity events locally.

Net Worth

Gilbert Roland was a popular Hollywood Movie Actor born on December 11, 1905. Distinguished for his contributions to filmmaking and earning him a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Roland has featured in over one hundred films during his long and distinguished career – many Westerns and adventure films are among his many credits.

Gilbert Roland was actually known by his given name of Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso but adopted the stage name to honor silent actor John Gilbert and actress Ruth Roland whom both inspired his acting skills. With Mexican roots and half macho/half romantic ways helping secure work on both silent and sound screens.

He was married but kept his personal life private, keeping no details about his children to himself. He died on May 15, 1994 at 88.

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