Gloria George

Gloria George

Gloria George, born 24 July 1942 in Hubert, British Columbia, Canada, was an influential champion for non-status Indians. She served as president of the Native Council of Canada – becoming the first Indigenous woman to head a major political organization.

George and Cocoa struggle with one another in ways they cannot comprehend. Their differences, however, expose them to a world of unknowns that shape them into more emotionally substantial individuals. In the end, George and Cocoa become stronger because of these experiences.

Early Life and Education

Gloria George was born to Mae Bell and Wallace George on April 12, 1958 and attended Roosevelt Elementary, Washington Middle and Poly High School.

She went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English from Anderson College, encouraged by her parents to pursue a career in education.

Her mother, Ruth Steinem, instilled a deep appreciation of her Jewish heritage into Gloria and her older sister Susanne. She made sure they understood that antisemitism was an actual danger and encouraged them to learn about the Holocaust.

George was also privy to her experiences with addiction and abused children, and she offered advice on breaking cycles of abuse and violence within Indigenous communities. Additionally, she spoke candidly about her own traumas – such as the ongoing intergenerational trauma caused by residential schools – which continue to haunt her today.

Professional Career

Gloria had a distinguished career in the computer field that spanned three decades. She began as a computer teacher at Shore Country Day School in Beverly Massachusetts, where she imparted her expertise on using computers to their students.

Her teaching experience provided her with the unique opportunity to form meaningful connections with children and their parents, as well as gain firsthand understanding of the significance of providing assistance to those in need.

She was able to help her students hone their math skills and conquer their math anxiety, leading her to found Math Learning Inc., a company offering courses to assist people of all ages conquer their math fears.

She has also worked to raise awareness and combat discrimination against non-status Indians and Indigenous peoples in Canada. As an outspoken supporter of Indigenous rights, she has brought to light the many negative effects of residential schools.

Achievements and Honors

Gloria George is a renowned singer-actress and songwriter who has earned numerous accolades throughout her career. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, BMI Songwriter of the Year award and American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement among others.

As an outspoken advocate for non-status Indians, she was elected president of the Native Council of Canada in 1975 – becoming the first woman to lead such an important Indigenous political organization. Through her work, she has helped raise awareness about socioeconomic and historical factors which have disempowered Indigenous peoples, as well as the painful legacy of residential schools.

She is renowned for her groundbreaking legal work on behalf of women’s rights and minorities’ rights. She has received multiple honors, including the Victoria Woodhull Award and Presidential appointment to serve on the U.S. delegation to the 47th General Assembly of the United Nations.

Personal Life

Gloria George was an inspiring woman, always on the lookout for ways to help those less fortunate. In addition to her job as a political analyst on CNN, Gloria spent her free moments taking care of her family.

She believed the key to her success lay in staying grounded in reality. This philosophy had become her driving force throughout life and had enabled her to overcome so many challenges.

She was an Indigenous politician and activist, the first woman to serve as president of the Native Council of Canada. Her work focused on Indigenous issues like violence against Aboriginal peoples, intergenerational trauma from residential schools, and reconnecting with one’s Indigenous identity.

Net Worth

Gloria George boasts a substantial net worth. She has amassed it through her music career and philanthropic work, in addition to owning multiple restaurants and hotels.

She is married to Emilio Estefan and they have two children. Their relationship has been a source of strength throughout their lives.

She founded the Gloria Estefan Foundation to promote education, health and cultural development. Additionally, she donates funds to spinal cord research as well as animal causes.

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